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Negative lock after an evening full of upheavals on Wall Street: The Dow Jones lost 1.48% of its value, the Nasdaq deleted about 0.1% and the S&P 500 fell by about 1%.

The share of Serner, the medical information company, has soared more than 13% after reports that the company may be sold to Oracle worth $ 30 billion. Oracle was down 6.3%.

The share of Zoom flew by 9.5%, the share of Penn National Gaming, the betting and racing company, climbed by 8% and Plato rose by 6.6%.

Shares of online betting company Natez fell 5.2%, Starbucks lost 4.3% and Apple dropped 0.65%.

Shares of JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs shares were down 3.9% and 2.2%, respectively, and Johnson & Johnson was down 2.8%.


A volatile evening on Wall Street: NASDAQ returns to price increases and adds 0.37% to its value, Dow Jones drops close to 1% and S&P 500 drops 0.36%.

The stock is up 9%, Plato is up 5.8% and Modern is up 4%.

Johnson & Johnson shares are down 2.2%.


Wall Street stock markets have returned to price declines. The Dow Jones is down 1.36%, the NASDAQ is down 0.22% of its value and the S&P 500 is down 0.83%.

The declines in bank shares are exacerbating, Goldman Sachs is deleting almost 4% and JPMorgan is down 2.6%.

Starbucks shares are down over 4%.


Mixed lock on European stock markets: Kak fell 1.12%, Dax dropped 0.5% of its value while Potsey rose 0.25%.


Wall Street is moving in a mixed trend: the Nasdaq is recovering and rising 0.36%, while the Dow Jones continues to fall, at 0.88% at this time. The S&P 500 is also continuing to fall, at 0.35%.

The share of Zoom rises by 6%, the share of Plato – the maker of the interactive exercise bike that made headlines following a mention in the sequel to Sex and the City and a successful campaign – climbs by 4.5%.

Shares of JPMorgan and Bank of America continue to fall by about 2% at this time.


Wall Street declines: Dow Jones is down 1.07%, NASDAQ is down 0.44% and S&P 500 is down 0.71%.

Huge shares of Tech Alphabet, Meta (Facebook), Microsoft and Amazon are losing about 1% of their value. Microsoft has mimicked about 6% in the last week.

Carmaker Rivian shares are down 11% after reporting that it will not meet its 2021 production targets.

Shares of major banks are down slightly, Bank of America is down 0.8% and JPMorgan is down 0.7%.


Negative opening on the Wall Street stock exchanges, the main indices are falling sharply for the second day in a row. The Nasdaq is down 200 points.


European stock markets are moving down: Kak is shedding 1.4% of its value, Dax is down more than 1% and the UK pottery is also falling. The pan-European Stokes 600 index is also deleting 1%.

One of the main reasons for the negative trend is the decision of the Bank of England to raise the interest rate for the first time since the outbreak of the corona, to 0.25%. The Bank stated that efforts should be stepped up to return to the inflation target – 2%. In the background, the Federal Reserve last night expressed a desire to raise US interest rates as early as March 2022, and twice more during the year.

Concerns about the Omicron strain are also flooding the negative sentiment in the indices. In the UK this morning a verification of 90,000 new cases of the strain was reported on Thursday, but the mortality rate has not changed.

The share of the Italian biotech company Diasurin falls close to 12%, after the publication of the company’s business plan for the years 2022-2025.

Futures in the U.S. continue to decline. The contract on the Nasdaq is down 1.15%, the contract on the Dow is down 0.4%.


European stock exchanges continue the mixed trend: in France and Germany the declines reach 0.7%, while in the UK the stock exchanges rise by 0.27%.

In the US, stock market futures are red: the Dow Jones is almost stable, down just 0.08%, and the S&P 500 remains within reasonable limits and down 0.27% – but the Nasdaq continues to fall 0.6%.


European stock markets have moved to a mixed trend, with markets generally stable: the potsy is up 0.24%, the coke is down 0.9%, and the DAX is down 0.3%.


European stock exchanges are red: the DAX and the CAC are down 0.3%, respectively and the Potsy is currently trading around 0%. This is after last night’s trading day closed with gains of more than 1%, and in light of the interest rate decision in England.

In Asia, the stock markets closed sharply down: the Nikkei was down 1.79%, the Shenzhen was 1.62%, and the Shanghai and Hong Kong indices were down 1.17%.


Sharp declines in Asia: The Nikkei is down 1.8%, the Shanghai and Hong Kong indices are down 1%, and the Shenzhen index is down 1.3%. The declines come both after the Bank of England raised interest rates, and after the US government released a list of 30 Chinese companies on which it imposes trade restrictions, in light of human rights violations they have committed.

There is relative stability in the crypto market, with 2% declines in Bitcoin, which trades around $ 47,000, and Etherium around $ 3,960.

Later in the day, UK retail sales data, as well as the EU Consumer Price Index, will be released.

Wall Street closed down last night: the Dow Jones fell 0.1%, the S & P500 fell 0.8% and the Nasdaq, which for a moment almost lost 3%, closed down 2.5%.

The declines were led throughout the evening by technology giants. Adobe lost over 10% following the publication of its forecasts for 2022, which fell short of market estimates. Shares of the online trading app Robinhood fell more than 7% after Bank of America initiated a low rating of the stock.

In contrast, the day of trading on European stock exchanges closed last night with strong gains of over 1%.

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