Weekly Crypto: Bitcoin and Atrium crashed, who completely crashed?

The leading currency is approaching only $ 46,000, the second most important currency has fallen by about 10% in total, with both Ripple and Solana falling significantly, but have DogeCoin and Cardano experienced a less bad week?

The crypto market has experienced a real upheaval in the last week and lost hundreds of billions of dollars in total. Bitcoin, Ethereum and other leading currencies ended the week in sharp declines, but there was also one currency that managed to maintain its value, ice makes you order.

Bitcoin has fallen in the last day by about 4.30% to 46,981.50 cents in total, its market value has crashed to only $ 887.77 billion. The week started at $ 48,240.29 in total, so the week lost about 3% in total.

Ethereum on the other hand recorded a larger decline when it started the week at $ 4,091 and crashed 7 days later to $ 3,823.57 in total, including a decrease of 5.47% in the last day, so it dropped about 10% in total in the week. The market capitalization dropped to $ 448.84 billion.

Solana remained at almost the same value at the end of the week, when it started at $ 177.40 and is now at $ 175.37 a decrease of only about 1%, when its market value dropped to $ 89.56 billion when in the last day it lost 4.84% in total.

Ripple started the week at $ 0.848 and over the course of a week including a 2.99% drop in the last day, dropped to just $ 0.80, a loss of about 10% of its value, so its market value dropped to $ 80.56 billion in total.

Cardano lost about 8% over the last week and fell to a rate of only $ 1.23 with a market value of $ 40.56 billion. Billion dollars.

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