The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, stated tonight that it can be considered that the director of the Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS), Milorad Grčić, has already resigned, while he assessed that he did not see any guilt in this case.

Vučić said that Serbia does not have enough energy when the cold weather comes and that he constantly talked about it.

He assessed that the so-called “perfect storm” happened in the energy crisis, as in the movie, and that a lot happened that was not anyone’s fault.

A ‘perfect storm’ has happened to us, but some do not admit it. I want to see the participation of citizens, hear criticism and solve problems together. You have noticed when I talk about the price of gas, and everyone is wondering what the problem is because we have We don’t have enough, as soon as the cold days start, we don’t have enough “, said Vučić on Pink.

The President of Serbia said that he believes that there will be no restrictions, but that he cannot claim that 100 percent.

Vučić added that he asked the miners to dig 75,000 tons a day from now on and that everything would be done to alleviate the crisis, and announced that he would be at TENT on St. Nicholas Day, to his glory on Sunday. when there are no celebrations.

“We talked about the goals we can achieve, what are the things we haven’t done since 1984, because nothing is as easy as it seems,” Vucic said.

He also pointed out that in many countries, the price of gas rises by 40 percent or electricity by two or three times a day, and that Serbia still has cheap electricity.

“Of Serbia, only Ukraine and Georgia have a lower price of electricity, and all those in the region who have lower salaries have more expensive electricity,” Vucic said on Pink, adding that he was fighting to keep the price of electricity and gas unchanged.

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