– The jewels shine again under the Christmas tree. According to Federpreziosi / Confcommercio there is a “more than satisfactory” recovery. “Expectations and forecasts appear to be fully respected in the wake of indications of the first positive signs of recovery that already foreshadowed a 5% increase compared to last year. A confirmation, therefore, that the retail jewelery and goldsmith sector is finally registering a significant growth allowing not only the recovery of the heavy losses suffered in 2020 (over -30%), but also a growth compared to 2019 “, comments Steven Tranquilli, director of Federpreziosi Confcommercio.

The “wind in a stable direction tending to good” it had already emerged on the occasion of VicenzaOro September 2021, the important international trade fair event for the sector which returned to presence in the autumn, where a satisfactory volume of purchases by jewelers had been detected.

“Despite the increase in purchases through e-commerce – explains Tranquilli – as regards the precious product, the physical point of sale continues to hold positions not only for jewelry but also for gold and watchmaking. It must be said that many companies have taken advantage of the experience of changing market trends and purchasing methods and have been able to activate new communication and sales solutions by integrating them with traditional ones: they have understood that the coexistence of different systems is not only possible but productive and capable to generate new business. “

“If on the one hand the situation of instability has generated a tendency to more cautious purchases – continues the director of the Confcommercio jewelers association – on the other hand it plays in favor of durable ones, less ‘volatii’, even in the luxury field. The consumer has however shown that the interest and propensity for the purchase of precious items have not ceased, even in the young segment: there has been almost a rediscovery of their intrinsic values ​​- due to the characteristics of the materials themselves – beyond of the aesthetic and affective ones “.

“Moreover, if there is a tendency towards a lower propensity towards jewelery for important occasions, on the other hand the one for objects with greater portability and personalization is growing. The consumer – he concludes – wants the object to be worn at any time of the day and at the same time to be an identifying expression of his way of being, of his personality. ”

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