Following complaints of harassment and discrimination: California administration examines Google’s attitude toward black female workers

Regulators from the State Department of Employment and Fair Housing (DFEH) have already begun interviewing company facts regarding complaints. It is still unclear at this time whether any action is planned against the technology giant, which has been embroiled in a similar situation in the past.

The California Office of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) is examining how Google treats its black facts. According to a report in the Reuters news agency, the regulators contacted the facts with questions related to harassment and discrimination after receiving official complaints about the matter. No lawsuit has yet been filed against Google, as was done in the similar case of computer game company Activision Blizzard, and according to the report, the interviews that are being conducted do not necessarily indicate that any action will be taken against Google.

According to the Employee Diversity Report released by Google earlier this year, black women represent 1.8% of the workforce and their turnover rate in the company is higher than the normal rate.

This is not the first time that complaints have been raised about Google’s treatment of employees. Earlier this year a class action lawsuit was filed by four former employees who claimed to have received lower bonuses and pay compared to men. In addition, Dr. Timnit Gavro – a researcher in artificial intelligence – claimed that Google acted against her and fired her over a dispute over an article she wrote.

Google spokeswoman Shannon Newberry said in response to the current investigation that the company has invested in employee retention programs to make Google a more courteous workplace for black employees. “Our goal is to ensure that all employees experience Google as a comprehensive workplace and we focus on building a solid value for the Google Blacklist community,” she said. She added that 2020 was the best year for the company in terms of employing black workers and the mixed race in the US “both in general positions and in technological positions.”

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