Today, the Minister of Village Care, Milan Krkobabic, opened the first regional office in Prokuplje in order to have a direct insight into all the problems in that area, his Cabinet announced.

“In order to see real life with everything it brings, first of all I mean the key problems, we need direct insight. And that is exactly the full meaning of these planned regional offices,” Krkobabic said.

He added that the opening of the regional office means that the Ministry of Village Care is getting closer to the people from the village.

“The city and the district will provide us with all the necessary resources, there will be no additional costs, and we will have valid information and a complete insight into the real situation on the ground,” Krkobabic said.

On behalf of the Ministry of Village Care, he signed an agreement on cooperation with the Toplica administrative district.

As stated, regional offices are being opened in districts whose villages need additional support from the field work of the Ministry’s representatives, reception of the population and coordination of activities.

The head of the Toplica district, Zlatan Miljković, assessed that the opening of that regional office is the first step in bringing the state closer to the inhabitants of the villages of the Toplica administrative district.

The Mayor of Prokuplje, Milan Arandjelović, thanked Minister Krkobabić for the visit and explained that the office premises will be located in the building where the administration and public utilities are located, and the villagers will be able to inquire about all programs of the Ministry of Village Care. the problems they have.

As stated, the Ministry for the Care of the Village will be provided with adequate space for work without compensation, and all the necessary administrative-technical and logistical support in working with the rural population will be provided.

The municipalities of the Toplica district – Prokuplje, Blace, Kursumlija and Zitoradja participated in all competitions of the Ministry of Rural Care, for the allocation of funds for the purchase of a rural house with a garden and for the allocation of funds for improving the business of cooperatives.

The event “Miholjski susreti sela”, funded by the Ministry, was held this fall in the municipalities of Toplica administrative district, and the first on the ranking list in the competition for the purchase of minibuses for the transport of rural population was the municipality of Kursumlija.

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