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The last trading day of this week on the New York Stock Exchange closed with proper gains, this is the third day in a row, preceded by three days of declines. The S & P500 was up 0.6% to a new high, the Dow Jones was up 0.5% and the Nasdaq was up 0.8%. And will end at noon.

Tesla Concentrated interest after soaring nearly 6% following the words of founder Alon Musk who ended up selling holdings in the company, while Chinese JD.

Despite the omicron, optimism was observed in the markets as “reopening” stocks stood out, and gains were recorded in favor Las Vegas Sands , Wayne Resorts, Norwegian Cruise Line, Carnival, and more, while airline shares – including American Airlines and Delta – rose only slightly.

BiondVax The Israeli fell by only 4.4%, after falling more than 15% during the day (and early trading), a natural correction given that it doubled in value yesterday, in response to its announcement that it had signed final agreements for the development and commercialization of nano-antibody treatment against the corona. REE climbed 26% and Biomix, Pioneer, Tabula, Protalix and Brainstorm also recorded significant increases.


The main indices continue to strengthen for the third day in a row, after a number of weak days that began last Thursday. The Dow Jones and S&P 500 are up 0.8%, and the Nasdaq is up 1%.

Tesla continues to stand out with a 5.5% increase, Citrix andMicron Rise by 5%, and among Israelis there is still a sharp rise of about 30% in the share Re Automotive , Biomix Increases by 10%, Brainstorm andPioneer Global At 7%, Tremor At 6%, hippo andTabula At 5%.

Bitcoin jumped 5% to around $ 51,000, Ether rose 4% to $ 4,135.


The trend on Wall Street is still positive, whenTesla Stands out with a 5% increase, after the Musk questionnaire announced it had “almost finished” with the sale of its holdings. Also the Israeli auto-tech company REE Concentrates a lot of interest and jumps by 30% (after the stock has already crashed by 50% since the beginning of the year).

Micron Technology , Discovery , AMD and airlines and tourism are getting stronger. Modern and Pfizer weaken by about 2%.

US Government Bond Yields Rise: Yield on 10-year bond soared 4 basis points to 1.49%. 1.3% at $ 76.2 a barrel.

Slight increases are being recorded in the crypto market, and Bitcoin is once again approaching the $ 50,000 mark for the currency. Heather is trading around $ 4,025, DogeCoin rising 3% to 18 cents.


Moderate increases on Wall Street. The Nasdaq is up 0.8%, the Dow is up 0.5% and the S & P500 is close to 0.7%.

Tesla Climbs by about 4%, AMD Increases by 3.5%, Anvidia In 2%. JD.Com The Chinese company lost close to 7% after Evergrand reported that it would sell most of its holdings in the company and distribute them as a dividend to its shareholders, amounting to $ 16 billion.

The pharmaceutical company Alcos (ALLK), which fell 90% yesterday after reporting failure in two clinical trials on its flagship drug, is repairing and strengthening by 26%. BiondVax The Israeli in the opposite correction: doubled its value yesterday and today loses 12%. More on drugs: Modern Loses 2%, Pfizer Withdrew by 1.2%, Eli Lily Increases by 2%.

Trading in Europe closed with gains, with German Dax rising more than 1%, Potsy adding 0.5% and Kak up 0.8%. Deutsche Bank stood out in Frankfurt with a rise of 1.8%, Siemens advanced by 1.5%. In London, the interest of the airline group and owner of British Airways, IAG, which climbed more than 2%, was concentrated.


Just before Christmas, the last trading day of this week on the New York Stock Exchange opened in a positive trend. The S & P500, which finished yesterday evening away with 0.3% from its high, is expected to set a new high tonight. The Dow Jones and Nasdaq are also climbing.

The “reopening” stocks are prominent, with adequate gains forLas Vegas Sands , Wine Resorts , Norwegian Cruise Line , Carnival , American Airlines And more.

Immunization Company Nova-Wax Strengthens after announcing that its vaccine has also shown efficacy against Omicron. On the other hand, BiondVax The Israeli, which doubled in value yesterday, is correcting and declining considerably. The company announced yesterday that it has signed final agreements for the development and commercialization of nano-antibody treatment against the corona.

More in Israeliness: Beyond Air , Which develops and markets devices for the production of oxidative nitrogen (NO) for the treatment of a variety of respiratory problems, is soaring by about 10%. also hippo , partner , Kamhada , Re Automotive andMonday Advanced.

In Europe, price increases continue at this time. The DAX is up 0.7%, the Cock is up 0.5% and the Pottery is up 0.2%. Also in Amsterdam, Milan, Madrid, Lisbon, Brussels and Zurich for beautiful immigration records. In Vienna there is a slight weakness.


Macro USA: The number of initial claims for unemployment benefits last week was 205,000, as expected, and similar to the week before.


The slight rises in European stock markets continue. Trading in Wall Street indices is up 0.1% -0.3%.

Following the Fed’s announcement of a tapering rate hike, and an expected rate hike in the second half of 2022, Oppenheimer believes the impact on the banking sector will be positive, gaining momentum in the second half of 2022 and 2023. Chris Kotowski, Oppenheimer’s veteran finance analyst, raises The commercial banking sector is about 2% for 2022 and about 5% for 2023.

The effect will be, in his view, “both from an economic angle, when the interest rate environment rises in line with the banks’ profitability, and from the capital market angle, when raising interest rates limits the attractiveness of growth stocks, and investors look for an investment in value stocks.” He notes that bank shares are trading at a profit multiple lower than half the S&P 500 average.


Slight rises in European stock markets. In trading on Wall Street indices there is stability with a tendency for gains.

Airline shares stand out. Stock IAG , The parent company of British Airways, is rising by about 3% and the share of Wizz Air is rising at a similar rate.


Trading day on European stock markets opened with slight gains, as traders continued to follow closely the spread of the omicron. In trading on Wall Street indices, stability is evident.

While coronary heart disease records in the UK are broken almost daily, the health crisis is affecting Prime Minister Boris Johnson due to his precarious political situation within the Conservative Party and is leading to uncertainty about Britain’s path to dealing with the plague. Last summer Johnson announced the removal of all restrictions imposed on the British public for more than half a year due to the Corona, but in recent weeks he has been forced to announce new restrictions, and face an open revolt by conservative MPs who oppose them.

It is not just UK residents who are waiting for the current decision to deal with the “wall” of the omicron, as the media call it due to the spike in morbidity. The world is examining how the UK will behave and what the effects will be on the morbidity, fearing that in many foci a recurrence of the corona is expected due to the contagious omicron variant. In the United States and Denmark in particular, morbidity records have been broken in recent days. In the United Kingdom, the number of new diagnoses yesterday stood at more than 100,000 people.

In Tokyo, trading ended with a 0.8% increase in the Nikkei index.


Asian stock markets are trading in a positive atmosphere today with the Nikkei index in Tokyo climbing by 0.6% and the Heng Seng index rising by 0.3%. In trading on Wall Street indices, stability is evident.

This is after the trading day in New York closed last night in a positive trend, after the gains intensified in the last hour of trading. The leading stock indices recorded gains of 0.7% -1.2% at the close. Shares of Tesla stood out with a sharp rise of 7.5% and on the other hand Modern fell by 6.3%.

Trade has been positively impacted by the FDA announcement, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, announcing yesterday the approval of Paxlovid drug to treat coronary heart disease, to prevent disease progression. The drug is approved for use at home by adults and children at risk (from age 12 and weighing 40 pounds). An experiment in the drug showed that for verified in the risk group, it reduces the probability of developing a serious illness by 89% -88% compared to placebo (0 deaths in the treatment group compared to 9 in the placebo group), given 3 to 5 days after the onset of symptoms.

Recall that tomorrow there will be no trading in New York and some stock exchanges in Europe, on the occasion of the Christmas holidays.

In Hong Kong, shares are down about 7% and Tencent is up 4% after the latter announced that it would sell part of its 17% stake in and fall to only 2.3%.

There are also slight increases in the oil trading arena, and in the crypto market, Bitcoin is declining to a level of about $ 48,400.

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