Less is more, and the more natural the better. Materials such as cones, nuts, dried flowers, twigs and branches, cords and fabrics as well as soft, wintry colors such as white, beige, gray and brown as well as gold or silver can be used to set wonderful decorative accents at home. Due to their simplicity, they still cause a stir on the days after Christmas and create an inviting, cozy atmosphere.

Creative tips

For all those who are expecting visitors around the holidays and are looking for last-minute table decoration ideas, we asked the blogger and interior expert Magdalena Wöckinger alias menavox from “Uniquely made by yourself” for creative tips. She exclusively shows us simple tricks how to transform the table into a winter holiday table within a few minutes with materials from nature.

Linen napkins and jute fabrics

“Natural textiles such as linen napkins, teddy table runners, braided place mats and jute fabrics are perfect for taking up the cozy factor of winter and making the table look really cozy,” says the decoration expert. You can do a little trickery here. “If you don’t have such textiles, you can use an old sheet as a tablecloth or cut it up and turn it into a napkin or runner. Even a large, cozy scarf can be transformed into a runner. Creativity is required here. Use what is available at home or outside the door! “

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