Italians spent 2.5 billion euros at the table for Christmas

Italians have spent over 2.5 billion euros on food and drinks consumed between dinner on Christmas Eve and Christmas lunch with an increase of 38% compared to last year, driven by a partial return to conviviality albeit limited by the concern for the advancement of infections and the spread of the Omicron variant.

This is the budget estimated by Coldiretti from which it also emerges the doubling of attendance at the table, with 7 people on average against less than 4 last year, while 3.5 million Italians have returned to celebrate in restaurants, agritourisms and pizzerias, also thanks to the introduction of the reinforced green pass.

The however, the tendency of the vast majority of citizens was to stay at home and cooking, for the family or for close friends and relatives – explains Coldiretti -, with an average of 2.9 hours spent in the kitchen.

If on the Christmas Eve menu – continues Coldiretti – it was served above all fish present in 7 tables out of 10 (71%), at Christmas meat prevails and boiled, roasted and fried meats, from lamb to turkeys, but also soups, stuffed pasta, cappelletti in broth and rustic pizzas and homemade desserts win.

It sparkling wine is confirmed as the unmissable product for eight out of ten Italians (84%), while the panettone with 77% beats in preference the pandoro still at 69% but both often consumed in combination with local sweets that are homemade in almost half of the families (47%).

Most of the tables were set with menus based on national products or ingredients with an estimated cost – concludes Coldiretti – in 900 million euros for fish and meat including cured meats, 510 million euros for sparkling wine, wine and other drinks. , 260 million euros for desserts with the inevitable panettone, pandoro and bakery, 500 million euros for vegetables, preserves, fresh and dried fruit, 180 for pasta and bread and 170 million euros for cheeses and eggs.

The expenditure for Christmas in millions of euros

Fish, meat, ragù and salami, etc. 900
Sparkling wine, wine and other beverages 510
Sweets, panettone, pandoro 260
Fruits, vegetables and preserves 500
Pasta and bread 180
Cheese and eggs 170
TOTAL 2,520
Source: Coldiretti elaborations.

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