Negotiations between the management of the company Zidjin in Bor and the union on the new collective agreement will continue on Monday, June 28, and the unions canceled the protest announced for that day.

According to the United Branch Trade Unions Nezavisnost, representatives of the interested ministries will attend the negotiations.

The Ministry of Mining and Energy reached an agreement with Zidjin’s management yesterday, on the continuation of negotiations for concluding a new collective agreement, so that six representative unions gave up on the workers’ protests, which were announced to start on Monday, it was stated in the announcement.

It is added that the employer has committed to repeal the rulebook from June 23 and bring a new one that will be identical to the text of the old collective agreement from 2018, which was valid until June 21. The new rulebook will be valid until the conclusion of a new collective agreement.

Negotiations stalled earlier in the week after Zidjin Copper Serbia’s management proposed a new collective agreement, which the unions described as unfavorable to workers.

The unions then warned that the draft agreement envisages a reduction in the amount for a hot meal, shift work, recourse, past work, as well as amounts for solidarity assistance in the event of the death of a family member, the birth of a child, and the denial of working conditions. .

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