Serbia | Civil upheaval: The Minister of Construction confirmed the illegal construction of Linglong
The civil upheaval from Zrenjanin assessed today that the Minister of Construction Tomislav Momirović “confirmed” the illegal construction of the tire plant of the Chinese company Linglong by stating that “there were certain jumps from urban regulations” in connection with that project.The association stated that the “jumps” that the minister was talking about referred to the construction of eight facilities without a building permit “on more than 47,000 square meters”.

The Civil Reversal reminded that the provincial construction inspector issued a decision on April 27 ordering the Chinese company to remove all work performed on the construction of illegal facilities, and that on May 31 they filed criminal charges against those responsible in the company and the construction company. without a building permit.

“The prosecution did not reject the report, and Minister Momirović apparently met with crime suspects today. According to Serbian law, the subsequent legalization of illegally constructed buildings does not annul the commission of a crime and the criminal responsibility of the perpetrators,” they said. associations.

Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Tomislav Momirovic said earlier today in Zrenajnin that more than 50 inspections have been carried out on the construction site of the Linglong factory so far, only in the construction and infrastructure sector, and that it is the most controlled construction site in Serbia.

After a meeting with representatives of Linglong, contractors, leaders of the city of Zrenjanin and inspections and visits to the factory, he said that no significant irregularities had been identified so far, and that, where there were any, representatives of Chinese partners acted on inspection orders.

“There were certain jumps from urban regulations that are in line with the law, of course, there was no demolition, but the works were stopped and everything was in line with the law, that was overcome and resolved,” Momirovic said.

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