For compulsory vaccination against Corona and Omikron, politics has done a lot wrong, no new elections

How did it go at Siemens?

We now have a vaccination coverage of over 93 percent because we were very restrictive. We made sure very early on that strict rules apply where many people come together. We have had strict access controls for a long time and carry out random checks. Anyone who claims they have been vaccinated or tested when they are not knows what will happen …

Didn’t that fail because of the works council?

On the contrary. The works council was even more demanding than we were when it came to supporting our measures. If the HR department had concerns about a measure, the works councils were still in favor. Because it was important to them that employees are protected at work. From the very first day there was the best of understanding. We have a task force consisting of a board of directors, Doctors, security, works council and plant managers who have drawn up rules that simply cannot be shaken. Nobody can enter a production plant without safety protection.

What are the current regulations in your office?

We have 2.5G. So vaccinated, recovered or with a PCR test, and that is doable. I would also be in favor of the fact that the tests for unvaccinated people are no longer free. It’s an effort, but it would be worth it. The Italians have done that, but so have others, and it would increase vaccination rates. Because there is a free alternative to the paid tests, namely vaccination. And if you don’t want it, you just have to pay. The tests at school should stay free.

Can’t politics just do it like companies do?

The difference is that we can order certain measures and take the consequences if they are violated, because nobody is obliged to work for us. It’s a little different in politics. But of course: here, too, there are laws and rules that you have to adhere to. But then you shouldn’t water it down again straight away. For example, I would not have waived the possibility of replacement custodial sentences in the event of non-payment. Where is the problem? If I don’t pay a parking fine, there is. Why am I not allowed to drive drunk? Because I am endangering others. And if I go unvaccinated into a crowd, I also endanger them. Somebody has to explain this delta to me. We have a thousand rules that do so in the event of a penalty. This is well-intentioned by politicians, but not expedient.

Bad politics?

I do not envy the politicians in this whole environment. Because politicians also have to be elected, I only have to be elected by my supervisory board.

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