Holiday spirit on Wall Street: Tech giants are leading the NASDAQ, oil is soaring

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Trading in Europe closed with gains. The DAX was up 0.5%, the Cock was up 0.7%, and the Amsterdam was up close to 0.9%.

Among Israelis on Wall Street, the trend is mixed. Iron Source Falls by 8.5%, BiondVax by 17% and Tabula by 7.7%. On the other hand, Icecure, Ree andThyme Digital Strengthening, and also a Nova that is already soaring by 6%.


Rises on Wall Street are intensifying, with the NASDAQ soaring 1.1%, the S & P500 0.9% and the Dow Jones 0.6%.

Major technology stocks are leading the gains in key indices. Tesla andAnvidia Add about 3.7%, AMD Strengthens by 3.5% andMeta Platforms (Facebook) At 3%. On the other hand, Modern It weakens by about 2% and the cruise companies also continue to lose height.

IceCure Medical Continues to concentrate interest and she jumps close to 15%, REE Joins with an increase of 7.5% and also Nova , Ofco Health , partner andAllot Getting stronger.

In the US government bond market yields are weakening slightly, and the yield on the 10-year bond is down 2 basis points to 1.47%.


Green opening in US stock markets, after the Christmas break last Friday. Nasdaq and S & P500 are up 0.4%, Dow is up 0.3%.

Returning stocks show a slight weakness again. The Cruise Company Carnival Weakened soon to 5% and also Norwegian Cruise Line And United Airlines, American Airlines , Southwest anddelta Going down.

The IceCure share, which also stands out in Tel Aviv, is soaring at a double-digit rate, although it has not published a significant report in recent days. On the other hand, BiondVax The Israeli is also losing about 15% as well Floristem And tabula lose height.


Futures continue to signal gains in U.S. trade openings in about half an hour, and in Europe screens are green on the stock exchanges operating today.

The crypto market is experiencing moderate gains and Bitcoin is hovering around $ 51.3 thousand. Heather traded at $ 4,092, an increase of about 1% compared to yesterday.

In the commodity market the trend is mixed. WTI oil weakened 0.4 percent to $ 73.4 a barrel, while Brent rose 0.6 percent to $ 76.2 a barrel.


Oil contracts are trading down 1.3%. The chief economist of Bank Leumi, Dr. Gil Befman, notes in his weekly review that “the OPEC + group is expected to increase oil production in January, in accordance with the decision made. “If the expansion of the Omicron variant leads to a further tightening of restrictions, which will reduce energy demand and destabilize the market around the current price level, it could overturn the decision to further increase production in early 2022.”

“The IEA estimates that tightening restrictions in Europe is expected to lead to a surplus of supply in the market in 2022, based, apparently, on giving significant weight to the rise in morbidity resulting from the spread of coronavirus virus variant and exacerbation of restrictions.”


In trading on Wall Street indices, there is a mixed trend with an upward trend.

Alex Zabrzynski, chief economist at Meitav Dash, notes in his weekly review that “the inflationary cycle in the U.S. economy of demand leading to price increases and fueling rising wages. “In the monetary policy planned for the coming year by the Fed, it is sufficient to halt the mechanism of inflation expansion. We believe that more decisive steps will be required.”


Trading on European stock markets opened with slight declines, as traders continued to follow reports of the spread of the omicron. The London Stock Exchange is not operating today and tomorrow, due to the Christmas break.

In the trading of contracts on the Wall Street indices, a mixed trend is recorded.

In Tokyo, the trading day ended with a 0.4% drop in the Nikkei index.


Asian stock markets are trading today in a mixed trend. In Tokyo, the Nikkei is down slightly, while the Shanghai Stock Exchange is rising slightly. There is no trade in Australia and Hong Kong today.

In trading on Wall Street indices, stability is recorded with a tendency for increases.

Guy Beit Or, chief economist at Psagot Investment House, notes in his weekly review that “as the days go by, the studies that come out clearly signal that Omicron is indeed highly contagious and the effectiveness of vaccines against it is probably lower, yet the disease it produces is very mild. Truth? This is exactly what evolutionary biology suggests to us that in the end it will happen, a more contagious but much less deadly virus. “We are moving to the center of the stage after the FDA approved (emergency permit) the antiviral pills of Pfizer and Merck, which definitely look like factors that change the rules of the game.”

Now, he writes, “all that remains is to get more confirmation (through research) that the disease from Omicron is really mild, which will allow governments – which are naturally difficult to change perception so quickly – to change access to start living alongside the virus, which seems to be going nowhere else. Many years. If this scenario materializes, then this is one of the most significant risks to global economic activity. However, it should be borne in mind that central banks may work to reduce monetary policy more aggressively, which will further increase market risks The shares, which in any case are at the beginning of the new year at a particularly sensitive point. ”

Also in the trading of contracts on oil the trend is mixed. A contract for Brent crude is rising slightly, while a February contract for WTI crude is down 0.8 percent to $ 73.2 a barrel.

Gold is down slightly.

In the crypto market, Bitcoin is up 1.1% to about $ 51,000. This is after yesterday it weakened and traded around $ 49.8 thousand. Heather dropped slightly around $ 4,070.

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