China vs. Alon Musk: SpaceX satellites nearly collide with space station

Alon Musk and his company SpaceX are facing a burst of criticism from Chinese social media surfers, following an announcement about an almost collision between SpaceX’s satellites and China’s space station.

The satellites belong to SpaceX’s Internet Services division, Starlink, and according to a document submitted by China to the UN space agency, the two “close encounters” between them and the space station took place in July and October this year. A collision installed on it.

The risk of collisions in space is on the rise following the 30,000 satellites orbiting the Earth, according to estimates. This is in addition to the debris that also floats in space, around the sphere. Of the 30,000 satellites, 1,900 belong only to SpaceX’s Starlink, and the hand is still outstretched.

Experts and scientists are urging governments around the world to share and reveal information about their activities in space, in order to prevent catastrophic clashes. Only at the end of last month, NASA was forced to abruptly cancel a mission, following increased risks of space debris damage. Musk responded in a tweet, explaining that the orbits of Starlink satellites are adapted to reduce the possibility of a collision.

Although China’s complaints to the UN have not yet been verified, it has been enough for the Chinese to lose their forgiveness for Musk and SpaceX, and to lash out at them on social media. “SpaceX or Musk has not yet commented on the issue.

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