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European Stock Exchange Week opened with a mixed trend. In the trading of contracts on US stock indices, stability is evident.


Asian stock markets are trading today in a mixed trend and in trading on US stock market indices there is considerable stability.

In the commodities segment, a Brent oil contract is down slightly and is trading at $ 76.1 a barrel. Gold, on the other hand, traded up slightly at $ 1,781 an ounce.

In the crypto market, high volatility continues. After sharp rises yesterday, Bitcoin continues to make progress and is now trading at $ 34,600, etherium jumping about 8% to $ 1,970.

In its weekly review, Oppenheimer’s technical strategist predicts a continued upward trend in the US stock market, based on a strong behavioral pattern in July and in light of breaking major resistance levels.

According to Ari Wald, breaking a new record in the S&P 500 strengthens the upward trend in the US stock market, and is supported by seasonal factors. Historically, in July the index tended to show an average positive return of 1.5% in a positive trend in the market. , Ari Wald points out the sectors of finance, industry and luxury consumption as the centers of strong momentum, as opposed to the sectors of health, technology and real estate, which show relative weakness in momentum indices.

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