Package services of the Post of Serbia from January with new benefits

Post of Serbia has redesigned and improved parcel services in internal postal traffic, which brings new benefits for users, physical and legal persons and entrepreneurs, and they are especially adjusted to the needs of internet traders, the company announced today.

Package services are intended for all users who do not prioritize a short delivery time and who want to safely and at affordable prices, send goods and other items weighing up to 31.5 kilograms per package, with a delivery time of up to five working days throughout Serbia. “As of January 1, 2022, the Post of Serbia is introducing a new parcel service, Ordinary parcel, for sending parcels without marked value, and at an affordable price, which amounts to 200 dinars for a parcel weighing up to three kilograms,” the statement said.

The price of a package of three to five kilograms is 250 dinars, and at a price of 400 dinars, a package weighing over 15 to 20 kilograms is sent as an ordinary package.

At 131 post offices, it is possible to pick up five or more packages at the user’s address at the price of 100 dinars for one pick-up, while for pensioners there is an additional benefit, picking up less than five packages at the same price, with a pension card from the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund.

Receipt of packages is done at the counters of all post offices in Serbia, while delivery is also on the entire territory of Serbia.

“New methods of payment are being introduced. In addition to the previous payment in cash and according to the contract by the sender, the postage for the transfer of the package can now be paid by the recipient,” it was stated in the announcement.

It is also possible to issue and submit a special confirmation of the delivery of the package, as well as return the return documentation if it is important for the sender to return the documentation signed by the recipient after the delivery of the package.

“As an additional service, it is possible, as an additional service, to have an electronic confirmation of delivery of the shipment, SMS messages. Users can use the postal application solutions to equip the package in the form of an electronic address book for addressing,” the statement said.

It is added that the period of keeping the package for delivery in the post office is extended from five to 20 days, and an SMS message is provided to the recipient as a notification of the arrival and delivery of the package.

When sending, the user packs the contents in his own packaging, and it is in the form of envelopes and boxes and can also be purchased at the points of sale of the Post of Serbia, in Post-shops and at post offices.

In addition, the user can opt for additional services, handling the redemption shipment, packages with marked value and handling a separate package with fragile or bulky content.

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