A mixed trend on Wall Street;  The chip companies are pulling the NASDAQ down

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The European stock exchanges ended the day with mainly price declines, with the British Potassium index standing against the trend and strengthening by 0.7%, with slight gains in Vienna and Lisbon. Dax dropped 0.7%, Kak dropped 0.3%.

Deutsche Bank fell 1.5% in Frankfurt, and so did Volkswagen, BMW , Continental , Siemens and Alliance recorded declines. In London IAG, which owns British Airways, fell more than 2% and on the other hand stood out Berkeley , Next Fashion Group and Investment Bank Lloyds .


Trading on Wall Street is now on a mixed trend, with the Dow Jones rising 0.3%, the S & P500 adding 0.1% while the NASDAQ shed about 0.2% leading in technology stocks.

AMD drops 2.5%, Anvidia 2%, Amazon andTesla Governance about 0.8%, Meta Platforms (Facebook) Decreases by 0.5%.

U.S. crude oil inventories fell last week by 3.5 million barrels, slightly more than forecast for a decline of 3.2 million barrels. Crude oil prices, which have so far traded slightly lower, returned to about 1.7%.


The trading day on Wall Street opened with slight price increases, and the three leading indices added about 0.1%. In the government bond market, the trend is more positive and the yield on the 10-year bond jumps by 4 basis points to 1.52%.

Vaccine companies are losing ground. Biontech On the seventh day of losses during which it decreased by 16%. The competitor Modern , Which is also weakening today, fell by 18% during this period. Airlines, cruises and tourism are also recording declines, among them Carnival , Royal Caribbean , Norwegian Cruise Line , Alaska Air , United Airlines , Host Hotels And more.

On the other hand, technology companies are climbing at moderate rates, and in the top Western Digital Which jumps more than 6%.

In the commodity market the trend is negative. WTI oil is down 0.4% to $ 75.6 a barrel and Brent is down 0.2% to $ 78.5 a barrel. Gold loses 1% and trades around $ 1,792 an ounce.

In European stock markets the trend is mixed, with declines in most markets but the London Potsy index strengthening by 0.8%, after a long Christmas break. Deutsche Bank Decreases by about 1.3% in Frankfurt, Air Bass sheds 0.8% andSAP Decreases by 0.7%. In London banks and investment houses provide a windfall while the energy and fuel company BP Decreases by 0.3% and the aviation group IAG Loses 1.1%.


Yes Fight Biopharma The Israeli stands out in pre-trade on Wall Street with a jump of about 17%, similar to its rate of increase here in Tel Aviv. The company announced that in light of the disappearance of the malignant lesions observed in a liver cancer patient (which it reported last week), it is filing a patent for the treatment of a variety of malignant diseases at an advanced stage.

also NRX The Israeli is getting stronger after submitting an application for approval of the drug to Corona patients as a groundbreaking drug. The company’s treatment focuses on patients whose respiratory failure has progressed despite treatment with Ramadorsibir. The company has provided the FDA with positive clinical data on the efficacy of its drug ZYESAMI compared to Remedial Siberia and other approved therapies.


In the trading of contracts on the Wall Street indices, stability is recorded. In Europe, the mixed trend continues.

In early trading, stocks are rising Zim , Tesla , Amazon and Anvidia.


A mixed trend in European stock markets now. In London, the Potsy index is up about 1%, while in Frankfurt the Dax index is down slightly.

In trading in contracts on the Wall Street indices, there are slight increases.

Corona morbidity in many European countries is breaking records in recent days, as medical experts have warned. In the UK the number of cases soared to more than 129,000 a day, in France about 179,000 cases a day (as a result of late Christmas reports), Italy reported about 78,000 cases a day and Denmark holds the dubious record of high morbidity rate per capita Most in the world, with 15 thousand daily cases. But despite the high numbers, which in most countries are due to the corona virus variant’s improved contagion ability, European countries have so far avoided quarantine measures and sweeping restrictions on public life that have previously become the first lines of defense against the plague. Instead, they monitor the state of local health systems and the number of patients, examine whether initial reports of an easier course of illness as a result of the new variant are correct, and adopt only minor restrictions.


The trading day on the European stock exchanges opened with slight increases in the stock indices. The Wall Street indices are also trading slightly higher.

In Tokyo, trading ended down 0.6% on the Nikkei.


Asian stock markets are trading in a negative trend today. In Tokyo, the Nikkei index is down 0.8%, and in Hong Kong the Hang Seng is down 1%.

In the trading of contracts on the Wall Street indices, a mixed trend is recorded. This, after the trading day on Wall Street closed last night with a mixed trend: the Dow Jones index rose by 0.3%, the Nasdaq index fell by 0.6% and the S&P 500 index weakened by 0.1%. Investors are monitoring the spread of the coronavirus virus omicron variant.

The euro is trading steadily against the dollar, around $ 1.13 to the euro. Swiss bank economists Lombard Odeier note that “In our latest forecast for 2021, we see potential for dollar support next year, which will come in the wake of expected global growth. The euro, on the other hand, is declining, mainly due to the weakening of the eurozone’s balance of payments, which was mainly due to a significant decline in European shareholdings by foreign investors, a wave that will likely worsen following an increase in the bloc’s energy imports. “By the end of 2022, we expect the euro-dollar ratio to be even lower than the current situation, which is currently around 1.16, and is expected to fall to 1.125 first and later in 2022 to 1.10 dollars per euro.”

In trading in oil contracts, stability is recorded. A contract for Brent oil trades around $ 79 and a February contract for WTI oil trades around $ 76 a barrel.

Gold is down slightly.

The crypto market has been stable and after yesterday a sharp decline in bitcoin, it is now trading unchanged at around $ 47,800. Heather dropped 0.7% to around $ 3,800.

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