Today, the Ministry for the care of the village announced a public competition for the allocation of non-refundable funds for the purchase of rural houses with a garden, for which 500 million dinars were allocated from the budget of Serbia.

Citizens of Serbia, with a residence on the territory of the country, younger than 45 and without real estate owned, can apply for the competition, and the state will finance the purchase of rural houses with a garden worth up to 1.2 million dinars per building.

The deadline for submitting the application runs from the day of announcing the public competition until the expenditure of budget funds provided for this purpose, no later than November 1 this year, and non-refundable funds will be awarded, as pointed out, in the order of submitted applications.

The non-refundable funds are not intended for equipping a rural house and garden, tax on the transfer of absolute rights when buying a rural house with a garden, property tax, costs of collecting documentation for applying to a public competition, as well as construction works for adapting a rural house.

As specified, the right to participate in the public competition have applicants who must meet the condition that together with the local government, on whose territory is a village house with a garden, submitted an electronically completed application form with documentation prescribed by the program, that they are married or more permanent extramarital union at the time of filing the application or the applicant is a single parent or a young farmer.

Also, a necessary condition is that they are not owners or co-owners of real estate on the territory of Serbia, except for agricultural land, and that they have not sold or donated real estate in the previous five years from the date of the public tender.

It is also stipulated that those who apply for funds may not be with the seller of the house they are buying in a blood relationship “in a straight line to any degree, and in the collateral to the second degree, as well as in an in-laws or adoptive relationship”.

They must not be in the process of approving funds for the purchase of real estate, regardless of whether it is a grant, loan or subsidies.

Also, at the time of filing the application, those who apply for grants for the purchase of a country house must not have any outstanding due obligations based on taxes and contributions.

All obligatory prescribed conditions for participation in the public competition must be fulfilled by both spouses or extramarital partners who are applicants.

In addition to all mandatory conditions for participation in the public competition, applicants must meet one of the four alternatively prescribed conditions.

The first is to live in the countryside independently in leased real estate or in a family community with other members of the extended family.

Others are to have a formal education in medicine, pharmacy, agriculture, veterinary medicine or to be educators and craftsmen.

The third condition is to live in urban areas independently in leased real estate or in a family community with other members of the extended family and intend to live in the countryside, and the fourth – to perform jobs whose nature is such that they can work from home in the countryside.

A farmhouse with a garden, for the purchase of which the applicants are applying, must meet the basic conditions for living and housing, which means that it is safe and conditional for housing, that it has infrastructure – sewerage or septic tank, water, electricity and access to the village. houses with a garden across the hard road.

It must not be located in city and municipal headquarters and suburbs.

The house must be in a village where there is at least one of the facilities of the public service or services, a health clinic, post office, school, transport station or that some of these facilities exist in the neighboring villages.

Also, the farmhouse must be registered in the cadastre in the name of the seller and must not be encumbered with a mortgage or any other encumbrance, and there must be no record that the property or part of the yard was built without a permit.

Neither the house nor the yard may be the subject of a court dispute, nor must there be unresolved property-legal relations, while the applicants can apply only with one application.

The future owners of rural houses will not be allowed to sell it in the next 10 years, nor may they mortgage it for five years from the conclusion of the purchase contract, and the house must be covered by insurance for 10 years, according to the competition.

The fulfillment of the conditions for the application will be determined by the Commission for evaluation and control of the realization of the project, which is formed by the Minister.

All details about the competition, ie the necessary documentation, as well as the program and the application form can be seen and downloaded electronically on the official website of the Ministry of Rural Care

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