From 1 January it will be possible to request the single allowance for children

From 1 January 2022 it will be possible submit applications for the single and universal child allowance dependent that will replace the following measures: the birth or adoption bonus (mother tomorrow bonus), family allowance for children, family allowances and birth allowance (baby bonus). Starting from March 1, 2022, the disbursement of the allowance paid by the Municipalities to large families ceases and the application of tax deductions for children up to 21 years of age in the pay slip (under certain conditions). Please remember that the daycare bonus remains fully in effect. This was announced by INPS.

How the single check works

The single and universal allowance for children concerns all categories of employees (both public and private), self-employed, retired, unemployed, unemployed etc. The benefit lasts for one year (from March to February of the following year) and can be requested starting from January 1st, by completing the online application on the INPS website using Spid credentials, electronic identity card, service card or by going to a patronage institute of your choice or by contacting the INPS contact center.

For all applications for a single and universal allowance that will be submitted by 30 June, the payment of the arrears due is envisaged starting from March, the first month of disbursement of the service. For families who, at the time of the application, are in possession of a valid ISEE, the allowance will be paid with increased amounts and calculated on the basis of the ISEE range. The same increases will in any case be recognized, with retroactive effect, even to those who at the moment of the application are not in possession of the indicator, but that they submit the ISEE by 30 June. It will be possible to access the benefit, to a minimum extent, even in the absence of Isee or with Isee above the threshold of € 40,000.

Remember that you can present the ISEE to authorized intermediaries to provide tax assistance (CAF), or online on the INPS website in ordinary or pre-filled form. In the latter case, the ISEE is normally made available within a few hours of the request.

INPS has created a simplified form on the single check, which in a few steps contains all the information necessary to understand what the benefit consists of, who is entitled to it, how to submit the application and what the amount paid by INPS will be. In addition, a simulator has been published on the site that provides a forecast of how much the amount of the check could be, based on some data provided anonymously by the user. It is a provision that does not take into account the data actually present in the archives of the Institute, and is therefore purely indicative.

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