EPS: Not a single euro was taken from the budget for the import of electricity, EPS paid for everything
The President of the Supervisory Board of the Public Company Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS) Jovan Despotovic said today that EPS paid for the import of electricity, after problems in the electricity system, ie that no euro was taken from the state budget, stating that the causes of system failures are still being determined.“Many are already bidding on the amounts spent on electricity imports, but the public should know that EPS did not take a single euro from the state budget, but paid everything himself. It was unusual that in that situation part of the public and some officials used the opportunity to settle accounts. with EPS, although EPS does not run away from responsibility “, stated Despotović, EPS announced.

According to him, this time “incorrect data were used for the attacks on EPS, with exaggeration and distortion of some facts”.

“EPS is a very complex system, and in all such systems, failures sometimes occur that are resolved professionally and conscientiously, as Aleksandar Vučić, the President of Serbia, said,” said Despotović.

He reminded that the EPS system has a capacity of 7,855 megawatts in six thermal power plants, 16 hydroelectric power plants, three thermal power plants, with a mining production of about 40 million tons of coal and investments of more than 300 million euros a year.

He added that EPS is “the biggest driver of the economy in Serbia”, and that Serbia has enough electricity at the lowest prices in the region and Europe.

“What exactly happened in the last weeks of 2021 is still being investigated: whether it was a mistake, negligence, incompetence or something else. I would not comment on this at this time, but I can say based on preliminary information that the public does not have enough relevant information “, stated Despotović and pointed out that EPS will inform the public about the results of the analysis of recent events.

He stated that EPS had successful projects, and that it managed to revitalize the existing capacities and at the same time invest in the improvement of environmental protection.

“After 30 years, he is building a new block in Kostolac, starting the construction of the hydroelectric power plant ‘Buk Bijela’ in Republika Srpska, starting designing the reversible ‘Bistrica’ system, one of the most important hydro systems in Serbia, and investing in renewable energy projects. EPS is the largest investor. environmental projects, 500m euros have been invested, and another 700m euros are planned to be invested, “he said.

He added that the desulphurization plant in the thermal power plant “Nikola Tesla” (TENT) A will be completed this year, and that a similar project is being done for TENT B and that EPS will continue to meet all European environmental standards.

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