Rises in New York: Tesla flew 9% in light of a jump in vehicle dedication, modernity plummeted

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Trading on Wall Street continues to be positive, with NASDAQ climbing 0.6%, S & P500 up 0.3% and Dow Jones up 0.2%.

While Tesla continues to soar more than 9%, Modern falls and loses 7%.

Technology stocks continue to stand out: AMD up 4%, Apple up 2%, Intel up 1.7%. Returning companies, including tourism companies, cruises and airlines, are also recovering and rising. Carnival is up 6.5%, Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean are up 5.8%, American Airlines and United are also flying above 5%.


A positive start to the week on the US stock exchanges. Yields on government bonds are also soaring, and the yield on the 10-year bond soars by 9 basis points and stands at 1.58%.

Tesla Continues pre-momentum momentum and jumps close to 8%, after reporting the delivery of 308,000 vehicles during the fourth quarter, well above market forecast (263,000). This is a jump of 70% compared to last year’s dedication and of 30% compared to the previous quarter. Also the electric vehicle manufacturer from China Neo Strengthens after reporting a 50% increase in its car shipments in December (compared to last year), which totaled 10.4 thousand.

Technology stocks are also climbing today. Among other things, the chipmaker AMD It was selected by Goldman Sachs as a “leading choice” in the field of semiconductors, noting that it is among the companies that will continue to show strength even when the exceptional performance in the industry is reduced in 2022. The other “leading” choices in the industry are Marvel andMicron .

In Europe, a positive trend continues, with the DAX rising 0.8% and the CAC rising 1%. Recall that the London Stock Exchange is on a long vacation in honor of the new civil year.


Company Elbit Systems It was announced this morning (Monday) that its UAE subsidiary has won a $ 53 million contract to provide DIRCM infrared-based defense systems as well as aerial electronic warfare (LA) systems. And United Arab Emirates Air Force A330 MRTT The contract will be executed over a period of five years.


Trading in contracts on US stock market indices shows increases of 0.5% -0.6%. In Europe, indices increase by about 1%.

Stock Tesla Jumps about 7% in early trading. The company last night released reports on its car production and delivery for the fourth quarter of 2021, beating analysts’ forecasts. The company delivered 308,000 cars in the fourth quarter – a new record of dedication in the quarter – and during the year delivered 936,000 cars, an increase of 87% from 2020. Wall Street analysts had predicted that Tesla would reach just 877,000 cars delivered in 2021, and 267,000 in the fourth quarter.


Increases of about 1.3% in oil contracts. Meital Bar-David, senior analyst at Mizrahi Tefahot, notes that “2022 is just opening and we are already on the verge of an important decision in one of the most important global markets – the oil market. On the one hand, with the end of the holiday season abroad, Relatively, on traffic. “Thus, the demand side for the liquid test was successful in the form of the cancellation of thousands of flights within the United States on Christmas Eve – a very busy season at this time of year.”

“Looking ahead, the more estimates there are estimates that the Omicron strain spreads very quickly, but with a smaller morbidity and shorter time, the earlier the recovery will occur. , This year, to 100 million barrels per day, compared to demand for 96 million barrels per day in 2020. Meanwhile, the supply side returned to the forefront. OPEC + Group will meet today (Monday) as a monthly discussion to discuss whether to add, in February, to its oil output about 400,000 barrels per day, compared to January. “Given its level in January 2020, on the eve of the outbreak of the crisis.”


The year 2022 opened on the European stock exchanges with a positive trend and slight increases in stock indices. There is no trade in London today.

Trading in contracts on US stock market indices shows slight increases.


World Trade Week opens with a mixed trend in Asian stock markets. Trading in contracts on US stock market indices shows slight increases.

In Australia, China and Japan there is no trade today, on the occasion of national holidays.

In the commodity trading arena, oil contracts are up 0.7%. A March contract for Brent crude is trading at $ 78.3 a barrel.

In the crypto arena, Bitcoin trades steadily around $ 47,000.

Bank Leumi’s chief economist, Dr. Gil Befman, and Leumi Capital Markets’ interest rate strategist, Dudi Reznik, refer in a review published to the stability of the American economy: “The combination of an increase in private disposable income Consumption of current income) of households rose sharply during the Corona period. Compared to the trends before the corona period, we estimate that this is a “surplus” saving of about $ 4 trillion, in addition to the “regular” savings that in previous years amounted to an average of about $ 1.25 trillion per year. A significant portion of this amount found its way, directly and indirectly, to various channels in the U.S. capital market and this savings, combined with rising market prices, led to the net asset value of U.S. households reaching an all-time high of 2021 in the third quarter of 2021. $ 137 trillion. This is an increase of about $ 30 trillion since the beginning of the Corona period. “Relative to the level of disposable private income, the net asset value of households has jumped from a multiple of 6 before the corona to a multiple of 8 and therefore the dependence of households, and growth, in the state of the capital market, has risen sharply.”

“Now that the special and exceptional benefits of the U.S. government have ceased, the consumption capacity of households depends to a relatively large extent on income from wages as well as the preservation of the high value of financial assets, and others, of households. A real downward “correction” in the market value of the assets, relative to the current high level, could significantly impair the consumption capabilities of US households, while having a negative “wealth effect”. Realization of such a situation, while negatively affecting consumption Private equity in the US, which is the largest component of US GDP, could lead to a large and surprising slowdown in the growth of the American economy, while seriously hurting corporate profitability. “A real shock and from there a negative return to the financial markets. In such circumstances, of the realization of a financial-real crisis, the Fed’s rate hike is expected to be much milder than the current pricing of three interest rate hikes during 2022,” they write.

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