The new virtual frontiers of crypto in 2022

After 2021 was Year The great breakthrough of crypto, 2022 opens with many events in the field, in Israel and around the world. So what’s expected to happen in the cryptocurrency sector – here are some events worth getting to know ahead of the new year.

1. The Accountant General and the Securities Authority are looking for entrepreneurs

While the Bank of Israel is advancing in the digital shekel experiment, bISA The issue of the blockchain is being examined, and at the end of the month there will be an “Acton to examine the usefulness of blockchain technology in the areas of registration and clearing of securities.” The high-tech event, which brings together programmers working on solving a problem, is the result of a collaboration between the PA and the Government Debt Management Unit in the Accountant General’s Division of the Ministry of Finance.

The goal is to utilize blockchain technology to reduce trading costs for end customers, reduce systemic risks to the economy and promote a technological environment that will encourage financial innovation. At the hackathon on January 20, participants will be presented with the following challenges: issuance and management of government debt, asset services such as exercising voting rights and dividend and interest distribution, as well as streamlining regulatory reporting processes. Registration for the event ends on 6.1.2022.

2. Another public company is moving into the crypto field

The hype surrounding crypto brings to traditional stock exchanges companies interested in operating in the digital currency fields. The first to be traded on the local stock exchange was the Tectona Company, which merged into the Whitesmoke stock market skeleton. Now, Nella Digital Commerce, from the field of physical and online pop-up stores, announces that it will start operating in the virtual worlds. The company reported that it is “examining various activities, including buying and managing virtual assets, retail activity in Metaverse, such as setting up virtual pop-up stores, investing in digital trading ventures where investing in digital currencies, participating in associations (DAOs) to purchase virtual assets, and investing. In digital currencies for the purpose of making investments. ”

The IRS was forced to deal with children’s debts

In 2022, the tax authority will look for a way to quarter the circle: how to collect taxes from money that cannot enter the bank’s accounts in Israel. The new draft (proper banking procedure) is expected to solve some of the problem, but some of the money that was used for trading on platforms that do not comply with any anti-money laundering regulations and do not carry out a “know the customer” procedure will probably not enter the Israeli financial system.

In these areas, the tax authority encounters surprising customers – children. Concerned parents, accompanied by adolescents planted on screens, come to the disposal after the children have bought something in a game (NFT or other token), and sold and bought something else, and converted to something else – and made a profit on it. And now they are also millionaires on paper, but also committed to a real tax, which parents do not know how to deal with. Even the tax authority is still undecided.

4. Want to own Johnny Roselech?

The largest commercial companies in the world have long been equipped with NFT collections, which will serve as status symbols in the meta-wars – the world of virtual reality that is expected to evolve with the advancement of the Internet to WEB3. Nike, Adidas and elite designers already have NFT collections of their products. In the country, the trend is in its infancy, but the one who released such a collection and uploaded it to the popular marketplace OPENSEA is the Landover coffee shop chain, which has published a collection of characters based on its dessert – Rosalch. You can find Marim Rosalach, Johnny Roselach, Nicole and more.

5. And a little of what is happening overseas – two forecasts for the new year

On the occasion of the entry of 2022, prominent crypto activists have also released a slew of statements and forecasts for the coming year. First was Vitalik Butrin, the founder of the Atherium project, who tweeted a long chain of predictions, which also included some mental calculation on previous predictions. An interesting point in the tweet concerned the price tag of a transaction on the network, which Butrin believes should not exceed 5 cents. This is a statement he had already made in 2017, and has now stated that he is completely behind it. One of the weaknesses of the Atherium network is the high cost of transfers, and now the project is in development stages that are supposed to reduce the cost, and deal with the transfer load on the network. The second interesting point concerned the power of governments and regulators to influence Bitcoin: Butrin noted that it would not be possible to stop Bitcoin by virtue of its decentralization, when it was not dependent on one country or another. Yet he cannot thrive without public recognition.

Another person who provided predictions is El Salvadoran president Naive Bokla, who is known to have adopted Bitcoin as the country’s official currency. Bukla predicts that in 2022 two more countries will adopt Bitcoin as an official currency, that the currency will even become a key issue in the US election, and its exchange rate will reach up to $ 100,000.

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