Nikezic (SSP): I will learn how the regular situation in EPS is when 837 megawatts of electricity are imported

Today, the President of the Department for Economy and Finance of the Party of Freedom and Justice (SAA), Dusan Nikezic, asked the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, how he could say that “today is a fairly regular situation” in Elektroprivreda Srbije (EPS) when 837 megawatts (MW) are imported. electricity, although the consumption due to the holidays is 20 percent lower than the regular one.

“President Vučić, how can you say that today the situation is quite regular when 837 MW of electricity is imported, even though our consumption is 20 percent lower than the regular one due to the holidays,” Nikezić stated in a statement.
The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, said today that he was waiting for the stabilization of the system in EPS and that he believed that all problems would be completely remedied from January 10, although “today the situation is quite regular”.

Nikezic said that today 2,085 MW of electricity is produced from thermal capacity, which is seven percent less than on December 16, only five days after the biggest accident in the history of EPS.

“We are paying more than five million euros for the import of electricity for this day alone, and we were able to export electricity worth 13 million euros, so that EPS works at full capacity,” Nikezic said.

He pointed out that “despite his resignation, the director of EPS, Milorad Grčić, is still the owner of the roastery, who was brought on Vučić’s order and once led the most powerful Serbian company to bankruptcy.”

Thanks to many years of unprofessional management and ruthless sucking of money for fraternal, godfather and party companies, EPS alone will make a loss of over one billion euros, which means that every house in Serbia will receive additional electricity bill of 400 euros “, said Nikezić.
He added that “the situation in EPS will become regular only when we change the harmful government in the April elections and professional, responsible and professional leadership comes to EPS”.

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