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In order to reduce informality in the hiring of private house employees, last year the Government launched the Registered Plan that proposes an incentive for employers to register their new staff. The novelty is that it lasted for six months, until June 30, 2022, the registration period for those interested, which in principle expired on December 31 last.

Incentive for formalization and permanence in employment: the national State pays a part of the worker’s salary up to $ 15,000 for 6 months on account of the payment made by the employer.

The rest is on the employer’s side, also added the payment of contributions, contributions and ART. In addition, the commitment to keep the job for 4 months after the end of the benefit.

Along the same lines, the Government’s proposal also points to the bankarization of private house workers Through the opening of a free account at Banco de la NaciĆ³n Argentina and access to bank benefits.


  • The overriding requirement is that hired workers they must work 12 hours a week or more in the same home.
  • Your tasks should be framed within the categories “Personnel for specific tasks”, “Home and homemade”, “Assistance and care of people” or “Personnel for general tasks”.
  • The employing party must have average gross monthly income equal to or less than $ 175,000.
  • Employers may only register one female worker.

This program is for the laundering of new employees. As is the case with previously laundered, employers reached by Earnings when they employ a registered private home worker You can deduct from the taxable income of the Income tax both the remuneration and the employer contributions up to the maximum expected for 2021, which is $ 167,678.40.

Compatibilities and incompatibilities

Registered is compatible with: Universal Child Allowance, Universal Pregnancy Allowance, Alimentar Card, Progress, Empower Work Program, Other programs.

Registered is not compatible with: Non-contributory pensions for disability, Non-contributory pensions for mothers of 7 or more children, Non-contributory old-age pensions.

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