A mixed trend on Wall Street;  Facebook is up 3.5%, Netflix and Tesla are retreating

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The mixed trend on Wall Street continues. NASDAQ and S & P500 are up 0.1%, and Dow Jones is down 0.3%.

Netflix and Tesla are down about 2%, while Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Qualcomm are also down moderately. Anvidia on the other hand rises by 1.5%, Google also records a slight increase and Facebook continues to climb with an increase of 3.5%.

Oil prices are climbing: Brent is up 1.2% to $ 81.7 a barrel, WTI is up 1.7% and trading at $ 79.1 a barrel, having earlier crossed $ 80. Gold was cut more than 2% to $ 1,787 an ounce. The crypto market has seen only a slight recovery, with Bitcoin trading at around $ 43.2 thousand.


The atmosphere in New York is clearing, with NASDAQ trading steadily up 0.3%, the S & P500 rising at a similar rate and Dow Jones reducing its decline to less than 0.1%.

Safe-Tea Group The dual Israeli jumps 20% after reporting that it expects revenues for 2021 to cross the $ 10 million threshold. Also Faber, ICC, Jay Frog And Advanced Brain. On the other hand, REE, Siren , Autonomy andAddist Bio Going down.

At the bottom of the Nasdaq stands out the insurance company The diary (Humana) which drops more than 12% after publishing updated forecasts. The company reaffirmed its 2021 earnings forecast and reduced its estimate of the number of Medicare Advantage members for 2022.


The trend on Wall Street continues to be highly volatile, with Nasdaq currently trading slightly higher while the S & P500 is stable and the Dow Jones is down 0.4%. At the top of the Nasdaq Chinese stocks Pindudo , JD.COM andBaidu , Meta Platforms (Facebook) Strengthens by 4%, Ebay andZoom At 3.3%. On the other hand, Tesla Decreases by 2.5%, Netflix At 1.8% andDark At 1%.

Red lock on European stock exchanges. The German DAX was down 1.4%, the French Chak was down 1.7% and the British Pottery was down 0.9%. The Eurostocks 50 index shed 1.6%.

In London, investment houses and banks stood out. Among other things, beautiful increases were recorded forLloyds , HSBC, Barclays And Charter standard. In Frankfurt Deutsche Bank Increases by 2.5%, and vice versa Delivery Hiro Fell by 13.5%, Siemens Shed 2.5% andAdidas Decreased by 3%.


Trading on Wall Street is very volatile with the Nasdaq moving up and down slightly, with the S & P500 up 0.1% and the Dow Jones down 0.1%.

Meta Platforms (Facebook) Stands out with an increase of more than 3%, while qTesla Loses 3.5%, Netflix drops 2.8% and AMD 1%. Shares of electric vehicle maker Rivian are down 12%.

The Israeli developer of smart carts A2Z started trading yesterday on the NASDAQ under the symbol AZ. In its first day it lost 3% and today it sheds another 7%. More in Israel: REE is cut by 11%, Siren by 9.5%, Lemonade 4.7% and Hippo by 4.5%. ICL , Alumni andOutbrain Getting stronger.

Bitcoin and Ether continue to dive. Bitcoin sheds 8% and trades around $ 42.8 thousand, Heather drops 11% to $ 3,389.


Along with the red screens in European markets, Wall Street also opened today in a negative trend. The Nasdaq is down 0.3%, the Dow Jones is down 0.1% and the S&P 500 is trading steadily.

In the bond market, yields continue to climb, and the yield on the bond for the decade stands at 1.72% – an increase of 2 points. There are also increases in the commodity market. 2.3% to a price level of $ 82.6 per barrel.

Technology stocks open the day with weakness, andDark , Tesla , Microsoft , poor and-AMD Slightly weakened. On the other hand, it seems thatAnvidia Strengthens slightly.

Redhill And Gaelan Medical Company of the GAG ​​Group have announced an agreement to commercialize the drug Talicia for the treatment of Helicobacter pylori bacteria in the UAE. Glenn Medical will pay Redhill $ 2 million upon signing the agreement and additional milestones-based payments.


The number of initial unemployment claims in the US last week was 207,000, while the market estimated it at only 197,000. This is an increase of 7,000 claims compared to the week before.


In the trading of contracts on the US stock market indices, the trend is mixed – the contracts on the Dow Jones with a slight increase and on the other hand the contracts on the Nasdaq 100 fall by about 0.5%.

The yield on 10-year US government bonds continues to climb, reaching about 1.75%.

In early trading, Wolgrins shares are up about 3% after the retail chain beat analysts’ forecasts in last quarter’s reports.

Stock Tesla Decreases by 1.6%, Netflix Decreases by 2% and Apple by 1%.


The declines in Europe continue. Leading stock indices retreated 0.4% -1.1%. Significant declines are recorded by high-tech stocks with a decrease of about 2.5% in the technology index.

In trading on US stock market indices the trend is mixed – the contracts on the Dow Jones are up slightly and on the other hand the contracts on the Nasdaq 100 are down slightly.


The declines in Europe continue. Trading in US stock market indices is stable.

In the crypto market, Bitcoin is down 3.3% and falling below $ 43,000. Atherium drops more than 7% and trades around $ 3,350.

Avi Selma, CEO of the Israeli representative office of Hyposwiss, notes that “there is no doubt that increases alongside declines will continue and there will always be skeptics versus enthusiastic supporters. But when you look at the new gold in the form of bitcoin and global regulation that is slowly becoming clear to you – you see that this is a revolution in the traditional economy, a revolution in which countries that do not take part will find themselves outside the car accelerating its movement into the future.

Shai Datika, founder and CEO of the digital asset trading company INX, says that “Bitcoin is establishing itself as one of the strongest currencies and an investment asset in investment portfolios of managing bodies, breaking records or declining in value should not be the center of the conversation. If in the past we talked about psychological barriers in the market value of Bitcoin, it seems that these have disappeared as if they were not there. The field of digital currencies, gets recognition from the various regulators in the world and gets clear definitions of what is allowed and what is not. “We see that regulators define tokens that are currencies versus tokens that are securities and are derived from each other. There is no doubt that the entire financial world, as we know it today, will move in the coming years to trade on the blockchain.”


Trading on European stock markets opened in a negative trend, following the sharp declines in New York yesterday. Leading stock indices retreated 0.9% -1.7%.

Trading in US stock market indices is stable. The yield on 10-year US government bonds rises by 3 basis points to about 1.73%.

In oil contracts trading, there are slight decreases of about 0.2% and a contract on the ounce of gold drops by 1.3% to $ 1,800.

In Tokyo, the Nikkei closed down 2.9%.


Asian stock markets are trading in a negative trend today, led by the Nikkei index in Tokyo, which fell by 2.7% after sharp declines in the Nasdaq last night.

In Hong Kong, the Heng Seng Index is down 0.4% and in Seoul, the Cosphic Index is down 0.9%.

Last night, declines in New York intensified in the last hour of trading, following the publication of the minutes of the last Fed meeting, and at the end the Nasdaq index fell by about 3.3% and the Dow Jones fell by about 1%.

Trading in US stock market indices declines by up to 0.6%. The yield on 10-year US government bonds rises by 3 basis points to about 1.73%.

Declines in the crypto market as well: Bitcoin falls 2.3% to $ 43,100, and Etherium falls 4% to $ 3,470.

In commodity trading, a March contract for Brent crude is down 1.3% to $ 79.7 a barrel.

Following the publication of the Fed’s protocols from the latest interest rate announcement issued in mid-December, Nadav Ofir, Global Markets Strategist at Bank Hapoalim’s Commerce, notes: “As always, the Fed is primarily looking at inflation and the labor market as indicators of the recovery of the US economy. In light of the improvement in these indicators against forecasts (with an emphasis on inflation), the Fed sees a real need to raise interest rates in the near term.”

“For the first time in a long time, Fed executives have also talked about reducing its balance sheet after raising the first interest rate. And already in March it will come to an end, “says Ofir.

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