Kovacevic: Serbia’s foreign debt has never been higher, the Serbian government is donating borrowed money

The Movement to Ask the Profession announced today that, according to their calculations, Serbia’s foreign debt is 35 billion euros and that it has “never been higher”, as well as that the Serbian government continues to borrow on behalf of its citizens for short-term interests. donates money “.

“Especially she has no right to do that because she did not return the money illegally taken from the pensioner. Have you ever heard in real life that a man takes more and more loans and gives money at the same time? Why would the logic of running the state be different?” is the president of that movement, Vladimir Kovacevic, in a statement.

He assessed that the pressure exerted by the Government of Serbia on the private sector by “unrealistically raising the salary of the public sector by the announced eight percent” is not good either.

“Therefore, private companies must raise the salaries of their employees in order not to lose them, and their business has not grown at all. The increase in revenues of private companies and the increase in budget revenues of the state of Serbia is caused by inflation and rising prices of all goods.” movements, “Kovacevic said.

He assessed that the government “urgently needs to give up populism, because it has not brought anything good to anyone in the long run” and that it is necessary to direct all available resources only to “real work in order to catch up with unrealistic wage growth”.

Kovacevic stated that one of the most important concrete measures for successfully overcoming the upcoming problems is support for domestic entrepreneurs and domestic, not foreign companies.

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