The directors of 14 companies that defended Grčić wrote to Vučić

Representatives of 14 companies that do business with the Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS) sent a letter to the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, with a request to continue the policy of running EPS in the way that the acting director Milorad Grčić has done so far, portal reported today. .

They supported Grčić, noting that his energy, organizational skills and constructive pressure in all technological processes enabled numerous repairs to be completed ahead of schedule.

The directors, who sent a letter to the President of Serbia, are representatives of private contractors that EPS has been hiring for various jobs for years.

As stated on the website, a significant number of these companies are from Obrenovac, the birthplace of Milorad Grčić and the municipality which, due to the energy collapse in December, was left without electricity and heating.

On behalf of the company Pro Tent, the letter was signed by the director Slobodan Vujicic, while on behalf of Feromont Engineering, the letter was sent by their representative Vladimir Ilic.

Grčić was also supported by Kodar Energomontaža (signed by Vice President Ivan Pantelić), Montavar Metalna Lola (signed by Dalibor Džogaz, General Manager), PDV Inženjering (signed by Director Pavle Pušić), Goša Montaža (signed by General Manager Vladimir Jovićić), Mont-R (signed by director Ratko Pavić), Izo Ekomont (signed by general director Dragan Joković), Via Ocel (signed by owner Vladimir Jović), LM Metalmont (signed by director Ljubiša Pejica), Beth (signed by director Dušan Plešinac), Technical Center Inspekt (signed by director Vesna Peruničić) , DM Welding Industry (signed by director Nikola Panić), Energy Transformation Consulting (signed by director Predrag Šekeljić).

The letter from the leaders of these companies, sent to the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, states that the mentioned companies employ 10,000 workers in the electrical, mechanical and construction professions in the field of energy, who linked their destiny to the development and survival of the energy sector.

In the letter, the representatives of the companies stated which jobs their companies were engaged in, and that they recently responded to the “patriotic call of Vučić” to mobilize people in the work process lasting 24 hours in order to complete the overhaul in EPS before the deadline. .

“We received an invitation from Mr. Milorad Grčić, director of EPS, who assured us that we have your support. During the complete overhaul, we spent 20 hours a day with Mr. Grčić at the TENT B construction site, and his energy, organizational skills and constructive pressure in all technological the processes led us to the earlier completion of the repair works and the release of the block on the network “, they say in their letter.

They also emphasized that Grčić, by “timely procurement of equipment and materials for repair works in the pandemic conditions, as well as proper assessment of technical capacities and knowledge of domestic companies”, shortened the planned overhaul by five months, and used the rest of the time to produce electricity.

“After the latest technical equipment failures and ill-intentioned and unconstructive pressures on EPS management, we want to point out that thermal power plants are among the most complex industrial plants with thousands of complex technological units, whose work takes place in high-risk zones and where failures and accidents are part of everyday life. activities “, they stated, reported.

They added that all accidents in the Serbian energy system are resolved long before the set deadlines, ie much faster than European standards, and that the energy sector in Serbia managed to preserve young engineering staff, because, as they point out, they had Vučić’s support “realized through Milorad Grčić’s business policy “.

“We are deeply convinced that it is in the interest of the citizens of Serbia, as well as Serbian mechanical, electrical and construction companies in the energy sector, for EPS to continue to supply quality and reliable electricity to all consumers,” the letter said.

Therefore, they are asking Vučić to once again consider the continuation of the construction of the replacement capacity of the Kolubara B Thermal Power Plant as a strategic reserve in the interest of the energy security of the Republic of Serbia.

“Stable base energy, which is needed for the future economic growth of the Republic of Serbia, can be obtained only through the exploitation of coal as a domestic resource available to us. is in the letter.

They concluded that relying solely on green energy sources is very dangerous for the economic survival of their 10,000 workers, who, they pointed out, would have to look for their future outside the borders of Serbia in such a development.

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