There is mutual interest of businessmen from Serbia and Kosovo for cooperation and business, and it would be important for the authorities to do everything to remove barriers that hinder the exchange and transport of goods, said businessmen Adriana Jusufi and Radovan Mitrovic.

“Serbian businessmen are very interested in placing their goods on the Kosovo market, because they get the money they need from the Serbian economy and society,” said Jusufi, director of the Pristina-based company “A”, which deals with retail and wholesale, and more. has been procuring goods from Serbian companies for ten years.

She assessed that the Kosovo market is interesting also because the citizens of Kosovo are used to using products from Serbia.

“Earlier, it was more pronounced, now it is less interesting, but still interesting enough for businessmen from Serbia,” said Yusufi.

She added that about 90 percent of companies from Kosovo buy on the Serbian market and that a small number of those who export to Serbia, as before, have not had investment projects of Serbian businessmen for any significant investment in Kosovo.

Radovan Mitrovic said that Serbia is an unavoidable partner of Kosovo when it comes to business cooperation. “Kosovo’s businessmen are used to our products, services and a lot of advisory things. They are happy to come for goods and contracts and it works. We get along well with their businessmen and I think that in the future the exchange of goods between Kosovo and Serbia will grow,” said Mitrovic, co-owner and director of the company “Hemotehna” from Subotica, which exports PET packaging to Kosovo every year.

He believes that the cooperation between the businessmen of Serbia and Kosovo would be much better if the political relations were resolved.

“The hint is about solving that problem, but we have to sit down at one table and solve specific life problems, because the economy is life and we all depend on it. The urgent need is for politicians, as much as possible, to make a compromise and find a solution.” , Mitrovic said.

According to Adriana Yusifi, both sides should keep in mind that cooperation in trade and in all other areas is of interest to citizens and “do everything possible to remove all possible barriers that may hinder the normal and unhindered flow of goods and services. on both sides “.

“In that respect, the chambers of commerce of Kosovo and Serbia should be in the lead, which, as representatives of the business community, should give initiatives and proposals to finally remove all possible barriers that exist,” said Yusufi.

Commenting on the current business conditions of Kosovo businessmen on the Serbian market, she said that since it is mostly about buying goods that Kosovo businessmen pay in advance, there are no problems in those relations.

“The most important thing is that Serbian businessmen with whom we cooperate respect the agreed conditions regarding both the price and delivery. The problem was when Kosovo introduced taxes on goods imported from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina when we were forced to stop importing goods. and we were oriented to other markets, “said Yusufi.

As she pointed out, this has led to her company reducing imports from Serbia by more than 60 percent, although the costs in trade with Serbia are lower because customs duties are not paid due to the CEFTA agreement, and the transport of goods is cheaper.

She stated that Kosovo businessmen who export to Serbia, or transport goods through Serbia, complain about some of the problems that the Serbian side creates for them when it comes to papers, ie accompanying documentation that at the same time hinders or even prevents the transit of goods.

“Representatives of the authorities in Serbia should consider removing these barriers, because it is not excluded that the new government of Kosovo will respond with reciprocal measures and thus create problems in the supply of goods from Serbia,” warned Adriana Yusufi.

Radovan Mijatović also believes that the chambers of commerce of Serbia and Kosovo would have to do a lot to eliminate obstacles in business and exchange of goods, because businessmen are members of those associations.

“Chambers would have to make an agenda of specific problems and work on them. It is inadmissible to waste a lot of time in transport, for trucks to wait for 24 hours or more, it is a huge loss for everyone and no one gets anything there.” said Mijatovic, who hopes that in the next five or six months, the level of trade between Serbia and Kosovo, which was before the corona virus pandemic, will be reached.

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