Mario Draghi: “Growth estimates confirm the figure of 4.4.5%”

“Estimates confirm economic growth between 4 and 4.5%”. Prime Minister Mario Draghi said this at a press conference to illustrate the measures launched last week against Covid.

“It is too early to be able to make an adequate assessment. There are risks to growth“, said Draghi, answering the question on the possibility of revising the growth estimates.” The series of risks is very long and it would be better to face them at a European level “.

“The discussion on the Stability Pact is at the beginning”, the Prime Minister then reiterated, adding_ “The budget law already provides for allocations for sectors in difficulty, for tourism for example, or the extension of the Cig thanks to the reform There are already various measures, for the moment we are using these, we are making a reflection to satisfy the support needs in a satisfactory way. I do not exclude the possibility of looking for other resources, but we have not considered whether a budgetary shift is necessary. ”

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