In his fight against the Fund, Fernández asks the United States for help

In an extensive interview with a “friend” radio, AM750, Alberto Fernández affirmed yesterday that the International Monetary Fund “Try to impose a program on us” to Argentina and said that that is why progress is delayed in the negotiation to restructure the pending payments for the loan of the order of 44 billion dollars that the government of Mauricio Macri took.

President denied that the default is within the variables that manages its administration in case of not being able to face the payments of next March. And he asked the United States for help.

He put it this way: “The position of the United States is not clear, but he should support us because Joe Biden is doing a huge Keynesian program in his country. “

The President criticized the IMF showing that the differences seem much greater to which they were made public in the meeting with the governors last Wednesday at the Bicentennial Museum.

“The Fund says in its statutes that it will analyze the program that the country proposes, but in truth what the Monetary Fund is trying to do, once again, is to impose a program on us and we do not agree there,” he said.

He also recognized that “Argentina is absolutely prevented from facing that payment. Nobody in the world seriously thinks that Argentina can pay, between principal and interest, 19 billion dollars this year ”, he said.

And he reiterated that the negotiation of an agreement that allows the country, according to the gaze of the local authorities, continues to grow in order to pay its debts.

“The Fund has a share of responsibility for what happened. It seems to me that, beyond the responsibility that each one has, the government and the authorities of the Fund at that time, having delivered an unspeakable loan in technical terms, a pandemic ensues: you cannot ask a country like Argentina for more a requirement that a country can give ”.

Here other concepts:

  • “The discussion is to see how the program should be, if it is like the one we propose, with growth to meet payments, or is it, once again, to return to the eternal recipe of the Fund, which is more adjustment, shrinking the economy, importing less so that the dollars that are left reach.
  • We’re not here to do that, that’s why the discussion with the Monetary Fund is delayed ”.
  • Regarding the position of the United States in the negotiation, the president considered that “until now he did not have a clear position on the Argentine program because the program it was not put to the consideration of the Board in its fullness ”.
  • Fernández also said he did not know “what the United States is going to do.”
  • “What I do know is that the loan they gave to Argentina was political and that its sole purpose was to support Macri ”.
  • He also sent a message to the opposition: “We must all be notified and work together so that the negotiation allows growth not to stop and that the debt do not turn into a new disease “.
  • “This is a problem that will span several generations, my government and the one that ends and begins in 2027.”
  • “The reasonable thing is to show where we are and give a clear message of the dimension of the problem that Argentina has.”
  • Regarding the role of the opposition, he said: “We found shameful rhetoric from those who generated the problem. In 2018 Argentina did not owe a penny to the Monetary Fund. It doesn’t matter to them, these were the decisions they made, which will cost Argentina the effort of generations, the best thing is to work together to find a solution for Argentina ”.
  • “To be able to pay first, you have to grow”, and stressed that “this year we have achieved the highest growth in the country in its history,” an achievement that, he let it transpire, is not willing to slow down with what the Government describes as a “Adjustment budget” that can be approved by the IMF.
  • In one of the sections of the interview he was asked if the trip he plans to visit China in February cannot hinder the request for help from the US, the IMF’s main shareholder in that negotiation.
  • The President blurted out: “The fact that I travel to China does not mean that I will break relations with the United States,” and stressed that “the bipolar world of the Cold War is over.” He ended this section by saying that “USA. It is a very important country, a power, with which we have to have good relations, a respectful bond that serves both of us. The same as with China ”, he finally highlighted.

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