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A mixed trend on Wall Street. Notable declines are recorded by Iron Source, Walkami, Monday and Playtica.

Shares of electrician New do not stop and rise by another 5%.


Trading on European stock exchanges closed down by up to 1%. On Wall Street, the mixed trend continues.

Sentinel One (NYSE: S) began trading at a 30% increase to $ 45 a share. The company increased its volume when it issued 35 million new shares at a price of $ 35 per share – higher than the elevated price range it aimed for ($ 31.32). Accordingly, the raising price has risen to more than $ 1.2 billion, and may increase by another $ 184 million if the underwriters in the offering exercise the option given to them to purchase additional shares at the offering price within 30 days.

Check Cap , A company in clinical development stages in the field of medical diagnostics, announced that it has entered into agreements with a number of institutional investors eligible for investment of $ 35 million (gross), for approximately 25.9 million shares and a similar number of warrants, priced at $ 1.35 per ordinary share and warrant. The warrants are for a period of two and a half years, and can be exercised immediately at an exercise price of $ 1.50 per ordinary share. To the extent that the allotted warrants are fully exercised, the Company will receive an additional total of approximately $ 38.9 million.


A mixed trend in New York. The Dow Jones industrial average is up 0.3%, while the Nasdaq is down slightly.

Significant increases record Las Vegas Sands, Wal.Mart And AMD. The energy sector enjoys a continued rise in oil prices.

Among Israeli stocks, stock declines are noticeable Monday And Lemonade.


The trading day on Wall Street opened with a mixed trend. The Dow Jones industrial average is trading stable, while the NASDAQ is down slightly.

WTI oil rises about 1% to $ 73.7 a barrel.


European stock markets continue to trade in declines, with the DAX shed 0.7%, the CAC 0.5% and the Potsy 0.4%. Wall Street futures are also down 0.1%.

The crypto market continues to be relatively stable with a tendency for slight price declines. Bitcoin is approaching $ 35,000, Etherium at $ 2,160, DogeCoin and Ripple are trading at 25 and 67 cents respectively.


The declines in Europe continue. The DAX is down 0.9%, the Kak is up 0.8% and the Potsy is down 0.6%. The Madrid and Portugal indices shed 1%.

Shai Zessler, Global Markets Analyst at Bank Hapoalim’s Research Unit, commented on the rise in the consumer price index in the eurozone in June by 1.9% against the corresponding figure last year and by 0.3% compared to May – similar to expectations. Among the components of the index, there was an annual jump of 12.5% ​​in energy prices. Excluding energy, alcohol and tobacco, the core index rose at an annual rate of only 0.9%, “said Zessler, adding:” Inflation has moderated slightly compared to last month (2%), but still embodies The markets reacted with relative indifference to the figure, with the euro and the STOXX50 index trading similarly to their pre.publication level – all against the background of the central bank’s announcement this month that it considers inflation ‘temporary’ and accordingly – as long as the forecast is short. Relatively high and the unemployment rate high, the supportive monetary policy is expected to continue to include the purchase of high.volume bonds, a zero interest rate environment and credit facilities for background assistance to the epidemic (PEPP). “


Inflation figures in the eurozone have been published, which show that the consumer price index rose by 1.9% – in line with expectations.


European stock exchanges have moved to price declines pending the publication of the Eurozone consumer price index. The Potassium Index is down 0.7%, the DAX is down 0.9% and the CAC is down 1%. The all.European Eurostox 50 index also retreated 1%.

The declines are led by car companies and banks. In London, declines were recorded for Rolls.Royce (.6.6%) and Berkeley (.2.2%), and in Frankfurt Volkswagen and BMW lost 3.4% and 2.3% respectively.

Deutsche Bank is down 2.7%, and in London the shares of Lloyds (1%), Barclays (2%) and Standard Chartered (1.2%) stand out. Vodafone, Unilever and British Telecom are also weakening.


Green opening this morning on European stock exchanges. The pottery is up about 0.2%, the kak is 0.1% and the Dax is trading steadily. Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank weaken on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Adidas strengthens by 0.6%.

Asian stock markets closed in a positive trend, with the Shanghai Stock Exchange up 0.5% and the Shenzhen up 0.8%. The Taiwanese index strengthened by 0.9%, the Kospi by 0.3%. The Nikkei closed with a slight drop.

The crypto market has moved to slight declines of up to 1% in leading currencies. Bitcoin is approaching $ 35,000, Etherium is still at the $ 2,130 level. The ripple strengthens slightly and rises to 68 cents.


Trading in Asia is rising this morning in most indices. Shanghai is up 0.2%, Shenzhen is 0.8%, the Taiwanese index is up 1% and the Kospi is up 0.5%. The Sydney Stock Exchange is also strengthening, adding about 0.6%. Hong Kong, on the other hand, is down 0.1% and the Tokyo Nikkei is trading steadily, with a slight downward trend.

Softbank Group trades in Japan with an increase of about 0.9%, Kawasaki strengthens by 1.4%, Fujifilm by 1%. On the other hand, the pharmaceutical company Eisai, which cooperates with In Eugene For the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, falls 5%.

In China and Hong Kong, Petrochina is up 1.1%, Alibaba up 1% and the Bank of China up 0.3%. Shiomi is down 1.2%, China Mobile is down 0.6%.

Trading on futures contracts on Wall Street also recorded slight increases, the largest of which is that of the Nasdaq – 0.2%. This is after last night’s US trading day closed with slight changes. The NASDAQ advanced 0.2%, to a new high, the Dow Jones and S&P 500s closed steadily. The symbolic rise of the S&P index was enough for it to reach a new high as well.

Oil continues to strengthen in the world. Brent crude costs close to half a percent so a barrel price is $ 74.6. WTI oil is up 0.6% at $ 73.4 a barrel. Gold actually weakened slightly and is priced at $ 1,759 an ounce.

The crypto market is surprisingly stable. Bitcoin is hovering around $ 34.7 thousand, similar to its price a week ago, etherium over $ 2,100.

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