AGI – We are heading towards a “sold out” summer in Italy. Word of the Minister of Tourism, Massimo Garavaglia. “The machine has started up again”, the data of the infections that go in the desired direction together with the operation of the green pass and the resumption of services give hope, but the watchword is organization.

Speaking at the digital talk ‘Post Covid tourism’ organized by ‘Horizons’, the monthly magazine published by Eni Basilicata, Garavaglia took stock of the current situation and, according to him, “the fact that it opened earlier than expected allowed an early restart of the services, and this is a positive fact. . As far as bookings are concerned, there are two positive signs: the first is that Italy is expected to increase 10% over Italy last year, the Italians themselves travel more than last year. Then we also have the resumption of flows from abroad”.

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Massimo Garavaglia

Although it is difficult to make predictions, Garavaglia estimates that for the summer we will go towards “a full house by sea and mountains, the problem”, he observes, “the cities remain” especially the large ones that are “in suffering”. Organization is the watchword instead. A national calendar of tourist events is needed to better plan our country’s offer. “We must organize ourselves better. Organizing ourselves means redistributing the tourist flow in space and time, making our beautiful Italy known and making it usable with infrastructures”, explains the minister.

The events then, Garavaglia argues, should not all be organized in the two canonical months: “we need organization that can help us expand our offer” and planning with the Regions. But not only. Thanks to an “important figure of 110 million” allocated with the Recovery, work is being carried out on a “profound restructuring of the portal”, the digital tourism hub that “must be powered by the individual Regions and large operators”, while the direction it will be in the hands of the ministry.

Another point the government is working on is the shared database of accommodation facilities. Garavaglia assured that the executive has sat down with the big international players of online tourism to have data sharing in real time to, on the one hand, counter illegal activities and, on the other, make more timely offers on the market.

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