EMS: We are not stopping the Law on Renewable Energy Sources, we are asking for changes

The national transmission system operator Elektromreža Srbije (EMS) announced today that it is not true to stop the Law on Renewable Energy Sources (RES), as stated by the Minister of Mining and Energy Zorana Mihajlović, but with Elektroprivreda Srbije (EPS) and the Serbian Energy Agency AERS) insists on changes to the parts of the Law on RES that could have unforeseeable consequences on the Serbian power system.

“We remind Minister Mihajlović that Serbia already has a serious share of RES in its production mix, and EMS is just insisting on the integration of new stable and manageable RES,” the EMS said in a statement, reacting to Mihajlović’s statement that stopping the RES Law means stopping investments.

Speaking on Happy TV today, Mihajlovic said today, on the occasion of a letter from EPS, EMS and the Energy Agency, in which it is claimed that Serbia will be without electricity because it will have RES, that stopping the RES Law means stopping investments. and that changes in the energy system are inevitable, despite resistance and obstruction.

She said that all public companies in the electricity sector, representatives of the Chamber of Commerce, the non-governmental sector, investors participated in the drafting of the Law on RES…

“The adoption of the law was preceded by a wide public debate, in which both EPS and EMS participated, and everything they said was in the law. Suddenly, we have a situation where they do not want to implement the solutions in which they participated and the laws do not apply to them.” said Mihajlović.

In its reaction, EMS stated that with EPS and AERS, it insists on the careful and controlled introduction of unmanageable energy sources into the production mix of Serbia.

“We all point to the fact that no country has given up, especially not overnight, conventional, manageable energy sources, including coal. On the further use of coal, as an important resource that Serbia has, and which should not be given up , we need to think strategically, while respecting all environmental standards “, stated EMS.

He added that the company employs 588 engineers and five future and current doctors of science, that 536 employees work in places with increased risk, life-threatening, that the company is fully corporatized with professional management and a director selected in a public competition.

EMS also stated that it maintains and manages the transmission system of over 10,000 kilometers of transmission lines and over 40 plants, that it has established the electricity market, that it regularly makes profits and pays money into the budget, so it is “incorrect and unprofessional and ultimately harmful Mining and Energy (MRE) accuses EMS of fear of responsibility and of not doing anything in the field of investments or being late with them “.

“What we had to say about the proposal for changes to the Law on RES, we officially said in several letters we sent to the ministry. The largest position on this topic was expressed by the largest energy company in the country, EPS, as well as AERS. “We did not receive an official answer to everything we pointed out in those letters from the relevant ministry. Instead, we received labels through media statements that we are incompetent, that we are brakes and people of the past,” EMS said.

It is added that it is incorrect that all EMS suggestions have been included in the RES Law.

“We stand behind the demand that the law needs to be changed, regardless of the media attacks we suffer. We pointed out the negative effects of too fast integration of wind and solar energy at the very beginning of the term of the Minister of Mining in November 2020, and several times to date.” , stated EMS.

It is emphasized that “it is not the level of a serious energy company such as EMS, and what Minister Zorana Mihajlović herself considered and boasted about, at least until yesterday, to correspond through the media.”

It is stated that EMS knows what its job is and does it in the interest of the citizens of Serbia. “However, in order to protect the reputation of our company and all employees, we are forced to point out incorrect statements made by MRE representatives in public in recent days, which concern investments in the transmission system,” the response reads.

“EMS does not build or invest in the transmission system on the basis of lump sum estimates, but plans investments according to the highest European standards and rules of the European Network of Transmission System Operators (ENTSO-E), of which EMS is a full member,” said EMS.

He added that the Plan for the Development of the Transmission System of Serbia for a period of at least ten years is being drafted every year, and in the future it will be drafted for two years, as well as the Plan for Investments in the Transmission System for a period of three years.

“The Energy Agency gives its consent to the Transmission System Development Plan, and it previously conducts public consultations,” the EMS stated.
It is important to point out that there is a difference between investing in the transmission system which, for the needs of the population and the economy, systematically implements EMS and adjusting the transmission system for the needs of electricity generation facilities, because in that case investors in those facilities obligations to finance the missing infrastructure.
“We emphasize that the planned investments in the transmission system in the previous ten years have not been late, and are not late, and that the average duration of works for investments in our transmission system is better than the European standard,” EMS said.

He reminded that the company has already invested 30 million euros from its own funds in two transmission lines in Banat, which will enable the integration of 2.8 GW wind farms, which are in various stages of connection.

“Not to mention other investments in the transmission system throughout Serbia, such as brand new substations Bistrica, Vranje, Belgrade … through complete revitalization of existing facilities and construction and revitalization of transmission lines. EMS has made investments worth 330 million euros in the past nine years. , specified EMS.
He added that “investment momentum continues, and investments in the transmission system in the next eight to ten years will amount to at least 700 million euros.”

“Regarding the construction of transmission capacities, the positioning of some of our capital projects carried out in regions where intensive integration of renewable sources is expected is not a coincidence, but these projects are planned to allow the distribution of energy from these sources to consumers,” said EMS. .
The BeoGrid 2025 project, as stated, directly connects the area of ​​southern Banat with consumers in Belgrade and Srem, while the construction of a new 400 kV transmission system from TS Jagodina 4 to the Kostolac region will establish another corridor for electricity transmission to consumption in central Serbia. The Pannonian corridor will enable the evacuation of energy from Backa to central Serbia.

The Trans-Balkan Electricity Transmission Corridor, a project that Minister Mihajlović herself often praises, but she has obviously forgotten about it, is the backbone of the development of our transmission network and is worth around 160 million euros. It is being implemented through four sections through Serbia. “With its own funds, it financed, and prematurely completed, the entire first section from Pancevo to the border with Romania, and the second section is expected to be completed this year. The project is expected to be completed in 2026,” the statement said.

It is emphasized that EMS tells the public of Serbia that everyone in EMS, always conscientiously, responsibly and professionally does their job and that media attacks coming from MRE are counterproductive and bad for the company and for the entire electricity sector, and ultimately reputation of Serbia.

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