Millennium Insurance announced today that this year, too, it offers the possibility of purchasing travel insurance with additional coverage for kovid 19, which includes the necessary medical assistance in case of illness caused by the virus.

The policy with additional insurance for kovid 19 enables its owner to cover medical expenses during the trip and in case of sudden infection, as well as transportation costs for adequate assistance and emergency medical evacuation, ie return of the insured to the country of residence, up to the selected limit. , it is stated in the announcement.

Additional coverage for kovid 19 applies to the entire territory of Europe, including Turkey and Russia, and to the territory of Egypt, for a journey lasting a maximum of 30 days.

Travel insurance policy, with a surcharge for kovid 19 can be purchased in the branches of Millennium Insurance throughout Serbia, in travel agencies with which Millennium cooperates, as well as through a web shop on the website

This purchase is possible via mobile phone or laptop / computer, and confirmation with all relevant information arrives at the email address.

The basic coverage of the Millennium Travel Insurance includes medical assistance abroad, as well as emergency operations.

In addition, if the client’s luggage is lost or damaged on the trip, reimbursement can be obtained in these cases as well, and the basic package includes legal and travel assistance.

For tourist trips in Europe and the most popular destinations such as Egypt, Turkey, UAE, the price of the policy with basic coverage for an 11-day stay (10 nights) is 1,069 dinars, and if additional coverage for kovid 19 is agreed, the price is 1,336 dinars.

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