Dragoslav Ljubicic, a member of the Main Board of the Mining and Energy Union “Nezavisnost”, said that today no one can say with certainty who are the directors of certain branches in the Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS), and who is the general director is a question for the award.

“It is difficult to say with certainty who are the directors of certain branches in EPS today, and who is the general director is for the prize issue,” said Ljubicic, who is the dispatcher in that company.

He added that he did not know who the director of EPS was, although the former acting director Milorad Grčić gave his irrevocable resignation two days ago.

Ljubicic said that he did not know who signed the employment contracts for about twenty train drivers today, which were taken over from “Pro Tenta”, a company that hires labor force, mostly from TENT.

He added that the state is the largest employer of labor, because the state-owned company “Pro Tent” is actually an agency for hiring labor.

Pro Tentu’s main activity is hiring labor. Those workers hired by EPS through Pro Tent have 60 percent of their salaries compared to EPS employees, even though they do the same job, and the difference in those salaries is actually a huge margin. “Pro Tenta”, said Ljubičić.
Pro Tent has been active in the market since September 2003, and was founded by TENT as a service company. In October 2005, TENT transferred its founding rights to the Government of Serbia, and since then “Pro Tent”, as stated on the company’s website, has been operating as a company.

From the very beginning, as stated, “Pro Tent” was based on the provision of mechanical and electrical maintenance services in TENT. Since 2009, “Pro Tent” has provided services in all areas to TENT, Elektromreža Srbije, Belgrade Heating Plants, the City Municipality of Obrenovac, municipal public companies and others.

Since September 2009, after merging with the parts of “Sava Tent” that provided services and the workers’ restaurant “Pro Tent”, it is, as stated, able to provide quality services in various fields with over 6,500 employees.

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