Covid cost pizzerias two and a half billion euros

Due to Covid, Italian Italian pizzerias suffered a 2.5 billion euro crack in 2021, compared to before the pandemic, due to closures and restrictions, as well as the “hiccup” presence of foreign tourists. This is what emerges from an analysis by Coldiretti released on the occasion of the day dedicated to the symbol of the most famous Italian cuisine in the world which is celebrated on Monday 17 January, in full recovery of the infections.

Consumption is upset by about 10 million Italians at home because they are positive for Covid, have had contacts at risk and are in quarantine or smart working with the collapse of sales in the premises that has a heavy impact on the budgets of the 63 thousand businesses present on the national territory , where about 200 thousand people are employed.

There is also a boom in home deliveries that nevertheless it is not enough to cover losses and support the sector’s balance sheets with the difficulties that move along the entire supply chain considering that at full capacity in pizzerias every year it is estimated that 400 million kilos of flour, 225 million kilos of mozzarella, 30 million kilos of olive oil and 260 million kilos are used of tomato sauce.

Without forgetting the cut in the consumption of wine and especially beer that they find in pizzerias a privileged sales channel. The forced closure of the premises therefore has a devastating impact not only on businesses and employment but also on the entire agri-food system which has seen the closure of an important market outlet for the supply of products.

Born in Naples, the passion for pizza has become global, with Americans being the largest consumers with 13 kilos each while the Italians lead the ranking in Europe with 7.6 kilos a year, and lead the Spanish (4.3 ), French and Germans (4.2), British (4), Belgians (3.8), Portuguese (3.6) and Austrians who, with 3.3 kilos of pizza per capita per year, close this ranking.

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