AGI – Wall Street closes up on Thursday 1 July, with the S&P 500 registering its 35th record close of the year. The Dow Jones climbed 0.38% to 34,633 points, the fifth highest close in its history, the S&P of 0.48% at 4.321 points and the Nasdaq 0.13% at 14.522 points.

Driving the index is good news from the US economy, with new jobless claims falling to 364,000 last week from 415,000 a week earlier, marking the new low since the pandemic began. Meanwhile, there is expectation for tomorrow’s US employment data in June.

The best headlines of the day are the energetic ones, thanks to the rally in the price of oil, which closed up 2.4% in New York at $ 75.23, after a two-year high of $ 76.22. Brent rose by 1.57% to 75.79 dollars, after a top of 76.74 dollars.

Meanwhile, the members of OPEC + let it be known that their summit has been postponed until tomorrow, starting at 16.30, to give member countries the opportunity to agree on the policy to be adopted starting from August.

Saudi Arabia and Russia, according to reports, would agree to increase the supply by 2 million barrels from August to December. But the two countries must find consensus within the organization and for this Riad would have asked for a postponement. In particular, the United Arab Emirates would have reservations about the extension of the agreement on the cuts at the end of 2022.

The agreement between 130 countries, coordinated by the OECD, also weighs heavily, for a minimum global tax on large companies of at least 15%. “Today is a historic day for economic diplomacy” commented US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.

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