Serbia| Ministry: Additional electricity imports are still needed
The decline in electricity production in thermal capacities in Serbia caused by the insufficient amount of coal supplied will cause additional imports, given the announced low temperatures and the expected growth in electricity consumption, the Ministry of Mining and Energy announced today.As it was announced at the session of the Working Group for Monitoring the Security of Energy and Energy Supply, due to the accident at the landfill, a new landfill is being built, as well as the installation of a new conveyor and a new landfill.

It was said that the state will provide sufficient quantities of energy and energy for both households and the economy in the coming period, and additional imports of electricity and natural gas have ensured energy security.

Representatives of Elektrodistribucija Srbije stated that there are no major problems with the supply of electricity to consumers in Serbia and the planned works are continuing, and the transmission system is also functioning without problems.

The situation in the gas sector in Serbia was also discussed at the session, and it was assessed that the supply of the domestic market is stable, while the delivery of thermal energy is proceeding without major problems.

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