Positive trend on Wall Street: Slight increases for tech giants, Chinese stand out

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Rises on Wall Street continue, albeit at more moderate rates. NASDAQ is up 1.2%, S & P500 is up 0.9% and Dow Jones is up 0.7%.

Significant increases are recorded in favor Morgan Stanley , Travelers , Solaredge (and the competitor Anpez Energy ), JDC , Chinese Pindudo and Baidu, Air BNB And the hotel chain Marriott International – which is strengthening after providing an update on its development process in 2021. Marriott said it added more than 86,000 rooms gross (increased the room status by 3.9%, after closing 2.1% of existing rooms).

Tech giants are recording moderate increases. Apple is up 0.8%, Anvidia is 0.9%, and Meta is 1.2%. Tesla Records a stronger increase of 3.8%, Netflix Adds 0.4% towards the publication of the post-trade reports.

In the commodities market, there were moderate increases of about 0.2% in both types of crude oil. Gold is trading at a minimal drop around $ 1,842 an ounce. Natural gas is down 4.7%.


European markets ended the day mainly with gains, backed by wind from the US stock markets. Dax rose 0.6%, Kak up 0.3% and Eurostox 50 up 0.7%. , Glencore and GlaxoSmithKline.

In the US, the gains continue. NASDAQ is up 1.7%, Dow Jones is up 1.1% and the S & P500 is up 1.3%. Government bond yields are also strengthening slightly, with the yield on the 10-year bond rising by 2 basis points to 1.84%.

Among Israeli stocks, Dwarf Basket, IceCure and Novocure stand out with sharp gains, and Riskipade, Lemonade, Sentinel One, Solaredge, Jay Frog, Faber, Weeks and Inmode are recording gains of more than 5% each. On the other hand, Floristem is down 5%, Elbit and Ormed are losing 2%.


The rises on Wall Street are getting stronger. The Nasdaq is up 1.9%, the Dow is up 1% and the S & P500 is up 1.2%.

Solaredge The Israeli stands out with an increase of about 6%. The company reported on a project to build community solar power plants in Texas, California during 2022, in partnership with PearlX.

White House Chief Medical Officer Dr. Anthony Pauchi said the FDA could approve the vaccine for Pfizer andBiontech For children under 5 in the coming month. Apparently, they will need three doses because two doses did not elicit an adequate immune response in children aged 2 to 4 years in Pfizer’s clinical trials.


New York Stock Exchanges opened in a positive trend, with the Dow Jones up 0.3%, the S & P500 up 0.5% and the Nasdaq up 1%.

American Airlines Strengthens after reporting a quarterly loss of $ 1.42 per share, while the market estimated a loss of $ 1.48. The company also surpassed forecasts in the line of quarterly revenues, especially in light of the strong demand during the holidays. also United Airlines Released Results: It lost $ 1.6 per share, below the $ 2.11 loss expected by analysts. Its revenues exceeded forecasts, with United noting that Omicron has hurt short-term orders, but the negative impact is temporary in its estimation.

Beyond with Jumps after thatMcDonalds Has announced that it is expanding its pilot with the company and that starting Feb. 14 it will sell Beyond’s vegan burger at 600 restaurants in the San Francisco area.

Ford Motors , Which fell close to 8% yesterday, continues to lose ground after the Jeffries downgraded the stock from “Buy” to “Hold”. The investment house noted that optimism about Ford’s electric vehicle plans has led the stock to a higher-than-justified price, leaving very little upside potential.

In Europe, the mixed trend continues. DAX, Eurostox 50 and the stock exchanges in Amsterdam, Madrid and Milan are strengthening. Potsey and Kak, on the other hand, shed about 0.2%.


The number of initial unemployment claims in the US last week totaled 286,000 – the highest number since October, and far beyond the forecast of 220,000 unemployment claims. This is a jump of 55,000 unemployment claims since the previous week, and just a few weeks ago The lowest is more than 50 years.

Futures continue to trade in gains at this time.


A mixed trend in European stock markets now. Trading in Wall Street indices is up 0.4% -0.9%.

In early trading, there are significant increases in stocks Tesla , Inmod, Rivian, Risked , Ali Baba And Nova.

The yield on 10-year US government bonds is stabilizing at about 1.84%.


Change of direction in European stock exchanges. Leading stock indices have declined slightly. Trading in Wall Street indices is up 0.4% -0.6%.

The share of the online pharma company “Zur Rose Group” soars by about 6% after the company published good reports.

In Asia, trading closed with a 3.4% increase in the Hong Kong Hong Kong index, and a 1.1% increase in the Nikkei index in Tokyo.

In the commodity trading arena, after sharp rises in recent days, oil contracts are trading in declines. A March contract for Brent crude is down 0.7 percent to $ 87.8 a barrel.


The day of trading on the European stock exchanges opened with slight gains in the major stock indices. Trading in Wall Street indices is up 0.4% -0.6%.


Asian stock markets are trading higher today, after China’s central bank announced a 0.1% cut in interest rates on annual loans and a 5-year reduction in interest rates on loans at 5 basis points. In Japan, the Nikkei is up 1.4% and in Hong Kong the Hang Seng is up 2.6%. The Shanghai Stock Exchange is up slightly.

Shares of real estate and high-tech are leading the gains in Hong Kong. Tencent is up 4.4% and Alibaba is up 4.3%.

In trading in contracts on the Wall Street indices, there are slight increases.

On Wall Street last night the trading day closed with declines, at the end of a volatile trading day. In the last hour, the declines intensified and at the end, the leading stock indices retreated by 1% -1.15%. The yield on 10-year US government bonds has dropped to about 1.84% and is now rising to about 1.86%.

In the commodity trading arena, after sharp rises in recent days, oil contracts are trading steadily. A Brent oil contract is trading at $ 88.3 a barrel, the highest price level since October 2014.

Gold posted a slight drop to $ 1,840 an ounce, after a sharp rise yesterday.

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