Amazon will open the first ‘’ clothing store in Los Angeles

Amazon will open a high-tech clothing store in Los Angeles, leveraging the technologies used in its fulfillment centers to combine the benefits of online and in-store shopping. “Customers will be able to shop from the dressing room“, assures the Seattle group in a statement announcing the inauguration of the new Amazon Style brand for” the end of the year “, in a shopping center in the Californian city.

“Amazon Style is designed around personalization,” the note states. Consumers will be able to scan the clothes they prefer and the algorithms will “give them personalized recommendations in real time”. The idea is to combine the benefits of shopping online and in person.

In the cabins a touch screen will allow customers to select different models and sizes, which will be brought to them “in a few minutes” by the sales staff. thanks to the “sophisticated technologies and processes” already used in the group’s warehouses. The company prides itself on being able to offer many more choices than traditional stores, in a less crowded space. For example, it will be possible to place an order online – where there are millions of items – and try on the spot.

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