Mirgor sets foot in the US and analyzes exporting cell phones from Tierra del Fuego

The company, a partner of Samsung and Toyota, closed a contract with the telephone operator Millicom (which operates in 10 countries in the region) to be its official technology provider.

The Fuegian Mirgor group managed to land in the United States and plans to open offices in Miami. The company, an ally of Samsung and Toyota, closed a two-year agreement with the telephone company Millicom (which has more than 40 million customers in 10 countries in the region and operates under the Tigo brand) to be your official supplier of technological products. Although not immediately, Mirgor does not rule out the possibility of exporting cell phones produced in the country, they confided to Clarion company sources.

“As of the signing of this contract, Mirgor USA (a subsidiary) will deal with the entire management chain for the provision of consumer electronics concentrating operations mainly in Colombia, Paraguay, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Panama, in addition to other Latin American countries,” the company said in the letter it sent last week to the CNV (National Securities Commission), a rigorous procedure carried out by companies that are listed on the stock market.

This implies that it will be responsible for providing “logistical consulting, planning, management, location, integration of new technologies, and supervision of the operation of the entire supply chain” services, of Millicom/Tigo. It is a provider of fixed and mobile telephone services of Panamanian origin, but which today it is headquartered in Luxembourg and runs its business from Miami. Tigo is well known, especially in Central America, but in recent years it is expanding to other nearby countries, such as Colombia, Paraguay and Bolivia.

Mirgor manufactures electronics (cell phones, TV and auto components, among others) mainly in Tierra del Fuego. It rivals Newsan, Fapesa, BGH and Radio Victoria, among others. The contract with Millicom has a curious background since this was one of the services that Brightstar offered worldwide. The multinational, in 2020, sold its Fuegian assets in Argentina to Mirgor (it had 2 plants where it manufactured cell phones for Samsung and LG). Now he will inherit the role of logistics operator from Tigowhich implies all the provision of equipment, logistics management and customer relations.

The details of the agreement will be known next week, when the group makes the official announcement. However, it transpired that the contract was signed under “the modality of Fourth Party Logistics“, which makes Mirgor’s US subsidiary a kind of manager and administrative head of the entire Millicom operation, a business whose size is still unknown, but which is invoiced in dollars. “This shows how a company can grow from Tierra del Fuego to export and establish itself internationally,” enthused a group shareholder.

In the industry they conjecture that, later and starting from the new contract, Mirgor could extend the historical relationship it has with Samsung in Argentina to the region. In the country it produces for the brand smartphones, televisions, air conditioners in Tierra del Fuego. In December, The company inaugurated a plant in the Buenos Aires town of Garín, where today 180 employees work and in which they produce tablets, headphones and other small electronic devices. They also plan to start assembling the three notebook models (Galaxy Book3, Book3 Pro 360 and Book3 Pro) that will start selling in July.

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