rose more than 20 dollars in two wheels of Chicago and returned to the levels of 5 months ago

Soybeans rose in price again this Thursday in the Chicago international market, and accumulated a climb of more than 20 dollars in only two days, to return to the levels of August 2021, 5 months ago. This Thursday, the increase was US$12.

The May/2022 position, the time of the Argentine harvest, is trading at US$527 a ton, while another closer position, March/22, closed at US$ 523.87 a ton. In tune with the grain, the prices of flour and oil, oilseed by-products, ended with increases of US$ 2.76 and US$ 46.74, up to US$ 441,80 y US$ 1.386,25 respectively.

The motives? The drought in Brazil, the world’s leading producer, and the damage that the crop would also have in Argentina and Paraguay, the other two major contributors in the region to global consumption of the oilseed.

This situation was interpreted by the Rosario Stock Exchange (BCR) as a concern on the part of the operators. But from the entity it was also considered that “the expectations of foreign trade in soybeans also influence: they rise considerably with the publication of data from Chinese imports, which would need more soybeans in 2022 in view of the increase in its pig stock.”

Cereals, with ups and downs

The March contract wheat fell back US$ 2.29 and concluded the day in US $ 290.37 per ton, due to “investment fund profit taking”.

Lastly, the corn in his March contract he earned US$ 0.20 and was positioned at US $ 240.54 per ton, while the May contract lost US$0.10 to US$240.44, thus ending a day with ups and downs after three bullish rounds. In any case, it was sustained by the same fundamentals of soybeans: the rains in the south of Brazil were insufficient and there are still doubts about the volume of corn harvest in the South American giant, second world producer.

The local market accompanied the rises in soybeans

In Rosario, soybeans registered an increase of US$ 10 and were very close to US$ 400. The price of the oilseed with immediate, contractual and fixation unloading was US$397 per ton, with a rise of US$10 compared to the previous day, while in local currency it stood at $ 41.330.

At wheat with immediate download the offer was again $24,000 a ton, while the contractual tranche remained at US$ 235 per ton.

The March cereal contract was agreed at US$ 238, with an increase of US$ 3 compared to Wednesday.

On the other hand, offers for corn available and contractual were quoted unchanged at US$225. In addition, March contract decreased US$5 to US$220 per ton; April and May closed at US$215, down US$10 and US$5, respectively; June lost US$2 and adjusted by US$200; Y July without variations at US$ 195.

Lastly, the sunflower with downloads between January and March 2022 culminated again at $460 per ton, without variations with respect to the previous round.

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