increases of up to 6.6% are registered so far this month

According to different surveys. And they would close May with a rise of 9.3%. In April they had already increased 10.4% above the index of 8.4%.

In the official price index for April, which surprised with a rise of 8.4%, food exceeded that average by registering a rise of 10,1%. This dynamic seems to be maintaining itself so far in May: according to private surveys, the It comes with increases of the order of 8% and 9% per month.

According to the Supermarket Price Monitor of the Scalabrini Ortiz Center for Economic and Social Studies (CESO), the rise was 2.1% in the last week measured (until May 22) and the monthly variation reached a raise of 6.6%. Of course, some products accumulate monthly variations above that average. It is the case of prepared meals (22.4%), dry pasta (9.2%), sauces (12.1%) and cheeses with increases of 6.9%.

The survey corresponding to the third week of the month of the consultancy Eco Go, had a variation of 2.6% food prices compared to the previous week. With this data and considering a weekly variation projection of 1.8% for the last week of the month, lhe inflation of food consumed at home in May would rise to 9.0% per month.

As explained by the consultant: “If we also consider the evolution of food consumed outside the home (10.6%), inflation in food would reach 9,3%”.

A similar level of increases was detected by the LCG consultancy that measures virtual prices in supermarkets on a weekly basis. “The food and beverage index presented a monthly inflation of 8.6% average in the last 4 weeks and 8% end to end in the same period. So far this month, inflation has accumulated 6.1%,” the consultant stated in its latest report.

According to this survey, four categories were above the weekly average. Meanwhile, the Meats category was located below, but explained 28% of the total weekly increase. Fruits showed a weekly drop of 1.7%.

According to information from LCG, the increases of the third week of the month, were concentrated in fewer products, but were more relevant than the previous week.

For all measures, prices on shelves increased the most during the second week of the month. In the case of LCG, in that period, the indicator rose to 3.6% in one week, and then slowed down to 1.3% in the following week.

For the CESO, the rise of 2.1% in the third week of the month implied a certain slowdown compared to the second week, but it set a very high floor for only seven days.

Although food has an important weight in the consumer price index, especially among those with lower incomes, it represents only one of the items that add fuel to the inflation fire.

In this sense, this month must also be computed sharp rises in regulated prices such as prepaid (3.43% for those who earn less than six minimum wages and 4.76% for the rest of the users), tolls in AMBA (between 40% and 50%), fuel (4%), taxis ( 20%), buses and trains (7.7%, indexed to March inflation), subway and Premetro (15.5%), domestic service (7%), private schools (3.35%), cigarettes (10 1%), electricity rates (27% on average) and gas (25%), among others,” according to CESO.

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