The President of the Justice Committee of the Party of Freedom and Justice (SAA), Vladimir Todorić, stated today that the government intends to adopt an authentic interpretation of the provisions of three laws that will oblige courts to reject all lawsuits against citizens seeking the return of illegally seized money.

The SAA statement states that these interpretations are planned to be adopted on July 5 at the session of the Committee of the Assembly of Serbia for Constitutional Issues and Legislation.

He stressed that the proposal for an authentic interpretation of the law must be withdrawn, and the proponents of any judicial work in the future must be prevented.

“These are special provisions of the Law on Obligations, the Law on Consumer Protection and the Law on Protection of Users of Financial Services, which have so far unequivocally protected citizens and on the basis of which courts adopt citizens’ lawsuits, which is the correct position according to the Supreme Court of Cassation,” he said. is Todoric.

Todoric assessed that this confirms that “the fingerprints that were on the criminal amendments to the Law on Civil Procedure” belonged to the “banking lobby”, which is now looking for a new channel that will “protect the interests of banks to the detriment of the Constitution and Serbian citizens.”

“For the regime in Serbia, there are no limits to betraying the interests of its citizens; it does not matter to them whether it is rivers, mountains, mines, fields, airports or even the entire legal system of this country. With this political decision, citizens will have to pay additional over 100 million euros, which will only increase the huge profits of banks in Serbia, which amount to over 600 million euros annually, which is more than 12 new clinical centers, “said Todoric.

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