The president of the Committee for Economy and Finance of the Party of Freedom and Justice (SAA), Dusan Nikezic, stated today that the representatives of the government “capitulated before the interest of foreign banks”.

In a written statement, Nikezic stated that the government “with the intention of shamefully protecting the profits of foreign banks with an authentic parliamentary interpretation of the Law on Obligations”, confirmed “that it does not care about the citizens or the economy”.

“Why didn’t you force the banks to equalize all procedures, fees, interest rates and commissions with those in the EU, which would save citizens and the economy hundreds of millions of euros a year? Where did you get the idea to destroy the country’s legal system and prevent citizens from doing justice and collecting what the banks illegally stole from them, only for foreign banks to earn even more, “Nikezic said.

According to him, “it is clear that the state owes the most to foreign banks and that the five largest residential banks, in bonds alone, demand over three billion euros from the state.”

“With such moves, you have lost all professional and moral credibility, so it is only fair that you leave your positions and get a job in one of the foreign banks,” said Nikezic.

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