Red Wall Street: NASDAQ drops 2.5%; fear index jumps 22%

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Declines on Wall Street are moderating slightly: from 4.5% or more, the Nasdaq is currently down “only” by 2.5%, the Dow Jones is down by 2%, and the S&P 500 by 2.2%. About $ 130 billion has been written off From the crypto exchanges in the last day.


The declines are deep: the Nasdaq is down 4.4%, the Dow is down 2.8%, the S&P 500 is down 3.6%. The fear index is up 32%. Airbnb is down 12%, Netflix is ​​down 11% Less than 20 shares are trading higher in the S&P 500, and none more than 0.5%.


US trading is also declining sharply at the moment: NASDAQ is down 3.7%, S&P 500 is down 3% and Dow Jones is down 2.5%. The fear index jumps by 26%.

Trading on European stock markets closed sharply lower today: Kak crashed 4%, Dax fell 3.7% and Potsey lost 2.5%. Stokes 600 was down 3.7%.

Stock Unilever Rose at 7.3 in trading in London.


The decline on Wall Street has moderated slightly. Nasdaq is now down 2.8%, the S&P 500 is down 2.2% and the Dow Jones is down 1.6%. The fear index is down 20%. In Europe, the DAX is down 3.6%, Kak is down 3.4% and Potsey is down By 2.5%, the Stokes 600 fell by 3.7%.

The increases inFrom Diwand Have weakened, and now the stock is up only 1.2%.


The declines on Wall Street are deepening. The NASDAQ falls by 3%, the S&P 500 loses 2.7% and the Dow Jones falls by 2.2%. The fear index jumps by 30%.

The declines in Europe are also deepening: Kak is down 4.4%, Dax is down 3.3% and Potsey is down 2.2%. The Stokes 600 is down 3.4%.


The declines in the US intensified. Nasdaq fell 2.2%, S&P 500 fell 1.8% and Dow Jones lost 1.5%. The fear index jumps by about 20%.

Stock From Diwand Jumps by 8.6%.


Trading on Wall Street has now opened in sharp declines. NASDAQ falls 1.8%, S&P 500 falls 1.5% and Dow Jones loses 1.2%. Fear index (VIX) rises by about 15%.

Trade in Europe is also declining sharply. Kak and Dax are down 3% and Potsey is down 1.8%. Stokes 600 is down 3%.


Company From Diwand Announced today good results in an experiment with the drug EscharEx for the treatment of chronic wounds. Medivand’s product is already approved for the treatment of burns, for the removal of damaged tissue without damage to healthy tissue. In the area of ​​the wound, it is also the same technology, and in the experiment it was found to be more effective than existing treatments. Compared to the burns market estimated at several hundred million dollars, this Medivand product is designed for a market of over a billion dollars a year. The stock is up 5.3% on Wall Street.


The declines in Europe are deepening: Kak loses about 2.5%, Dax is cut by 2.3% and Potsey is weakened by 1.5%. The Stokes 600 is down 2.5%. U.S. contracts signal a negative opening, with NASDAQ contracts falling 1.3 percent.

Stock Unilever Increases by 7.3%. This is after reports that the American investor Nelson Peltz purchased shares in the company.


Decreases of up to 1.9% on major European stock exchanges. Trading in US stock market indices is down 0.1% -0.2%.

Mark Happela, chief investment officer at UBS Wealth Management, notes that “with a number of critical market factors still booming, short-term market direction may remain volatile. But for longer-term investors, we do not think it’s a bad thing if market volatility takes some of the air out of corners. “The market’s more speculative. It’s also not a bad thing if the current volatility means some sustained growth companies are being offered at their best prices for months. In the meantime, it’s important to remember that we remain in a very strong economic growth environment, which should remain supportive.

In his view, investors should look for “parts of the market that are less sensitive to interest rate hikes, balance cyclical exposure with health services, consider commodities as a geopolitical hedge, and use volatility to build longer-term exposure.”


Exacerbation of declines in Europe. The leading indices are now losing up to 1.7%. In trading on US stock market indices, stability is recorded with a tendency for declines.

Ari Wald, Oppenheimer’s technical strategist, notes in a review that “the recent declines, accompanied by a low level of investor expectations, should provide an attractive entry point for long-term investors. “When the expectation of the strict Fed policy further reduced the appetite of investors for risk channels.”

Wald sees the next level of support for the S&P 500 at 4,275 points, with resistance levels at 4,575 points (10-day average), 4,670 points (50-day average) and 4,745 points (a record since the beginning of the year).

In the crypto arena, Bitcoin is down more than 4% at around $ 33,600, and Etherium is down more than 6% at around $ 2,260


The day of trading on the European stock exchanges opened with slight declines in the major stock indices. Trading in contracts on US stock market indices shows increases of about 0.5%.

Investors in Europe continue to monitor tensions between Russia and Ukraine and other European countries.

In Tokyo, trading ended up up 0.2% on the Nikkei.

In the crypto arena, Bitcoin is stable and trades at around $ 35,000, and Etherium is trading up 0.5% at around $ 2,430. Avi Selma, CEO of Hyposwiss’s Israeli embassy, ​​notes that “similar to China’s past opposition, Russia’s central bank has proposed banning the trading and mining of cryptocurrencies across the country, for fear of undermining financial stability. We have seen in the past that the desire to monitor the field may in the short term provoke declines, especially for Bitcoin and Atherium, but these will continue alongside increases. “Eventually, as global regulation becomes clearer, so will the fear of being replaced by a revolution in a futuristic economy.”


Asian stock markets opened World Trade Week in a mixed trend. The Tokyo Stock Exchange is stable, in Shanghai there are slight gains and in Hong Kong the leading stock index retreated by about 1%.

Trading on US stock market indices is up 0.7% -0.8%.

The reporting season on Wall Street will go into high gear this week. Reports will include IBM (today), Microsoft and AMD (third), Intel and Tesla (fourth) and Apple (fifth).

Investors around the world are eagerly awaiting Wednesday, the end of a meeting of the Open Market Committee (FOMC), at the end of which the Fed is expected to announce the US interest rate. R. Fed Jerome Powell, including his attitude to the interest rate path and the reduction of the balance sheet.

In the commodity trading arena, a March contract for Brent crude rose 0.9% to $ 88.7 a barrel. A contract on an ounce of gold is trading up slightly.

In the crypto arena, Bitcoin is stable and trades at around $ 35,000, and Etherium is trading up 0.5% at around $ 2,430.

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