A sharp drop in the index on Wall Street and in Europe

Leading indices on the New York Stock Exchange Wall Street recorded a sharp decline today, due to the expected anti-inflationary measures of the American central bank and a possible military conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

The Dow Jones index lost more than 1,000 points today, only to regain some of its lost value later. It is currently down 2.1 percent.

The Standard and Purchase 500 was down 3.6 percent today. Currently, about 2.5 percent is in the red, and Nasdaq is 2.7 percent.

Shares on Wall Street continued to fall for three weeks. Oil and bitcoin prices also fell, as did the yield on ten-year US Treasury bonds, indicating investors’ concerns about the economy, according to the Associated Press.

This year, the shares fell sharply as the market prepares to raise interest rates, a move by the US Federal Reserve in an attempt to curb inflation, which is at its highest level in almost four decades.

Investors are waiting for the decision of the Federal Reserve at a meeting on Wednesday. Some economists have expressed concern that the Federal Reserve is already late in the fight against high inflation, while others say they fear an overly aggressive move by the US Federal Reserve.

They point out that multiple increases in interest rates could cause a recession and would by no means slow down inflation.

Investors are also following developments around Ukraine, as the West fears Russia will launch an invasion of the country. Tensions between Russia and the West have risen further today as NATO announced the sending of new troops and ships to Ukraine, near which Moscow has deployed about 100,000 troops.

European indices sank even more today than American ones.

Germany’s DAX fell 3.8 percent, France’s CAC 40 ended in a minus of 4.0 percent, while Britain’s FTSE 100 was 2.6 percent in the red.

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