Croatian manufacturer of “hyper-cars”, including electric ones, “Rimac Automobili” is taking over the French-German “Bugati”, also a manufacturer of small series of “hyper-cars” with a contract worth millions of euros.

The company “Rimac Automobili” announced today that it will join forces with “Bugati” and form a new automobile and technology company.

According to the Croatian company, the German “Volkswagen Group” and its department “Porsche”, which has a majority share in “Bugatia”, are planning a new joint investment, and the company will be called “Bugati-Rimac”.

Rimac, who started a decade ago as a “startup” with one man in the garage, has grown into a successful company that also produces electric “super-cars”.

Mate Rimac, 33, the son of refugees from BiH, who founded the company in 2009, said entering the new venture was an “exciting moment” and said the companies were a perfect combination.

“Porsche” will have a 45% share in the company “Bugati-Rimac”, and “Rimac Automobili” 55%, according to the Croatian media. Financial data from the contract have not been published.

Bugatti vehicles will continue to be assembled by hand one by one, according to orders, in eastern France, where the company was originally founded in 1909, but collapsed after World War II, and was re-established four decades later. began operating in 1998 as a subsidiary of Volkswagen. “Bugati” vehicles will have engines developed and manufactured in Croatia.

“In a rapidly evolving industry, more flexible innovation and sustainability remain at the heart of Rimac’s operations,” said Rimac Automobili.

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