Government officials, executives, business owners, philanthropists and opinion leaders gathered today (Wednesday) for an exclusive forum to be held in Dubai, led by the Israeli Jerusalem Post and the Emirate Hallaj Times. Leaders from the UAE and Israel, Morocco, India and other countries discussed the roadmap needed to create an international economy. In addition, speakers and panelists discussed new technologies in the finance, medicine, water and tourism industries, and new developments in real estate, cyber security and formative leadership formed part of the discussions held at the forum.

The first speaker was Dr. Thani bin Ahmad al-Ziudi, the Emirate Minister for International Trade, who said that “Today’s conference is a crucial conference for our countries. There are a little over 200 days left to achieve the vision of 2021, and there is still a lot of work to be done. “We have recently allowed 100% foreign ownership of UAE companies with many new regulations,” he added, adding that “we will further improve access to our national products.” Africa”.

Al-Ziudi added that “Israel-UAE relations are based on a long-term global agenda. It is vital for partners to support the foundations of international trade in order to reap a wealth of benefits.”

Dr Tariq Bin Handi, CEO of Abu Dhabi’s Investment Office, also spoke at the World Investment Forum, saying: “Israel and the UAE share common themes such as food, water scarcity and youth employment. We want the world to join our joint journey “.

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Dr. Tariq Bin Hendy, CEO of Abu Dhabi Investment Office (Photo: Mark Israel Salem)

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The president of the World Zionist Congress, Ronald Lauder, said that “the Abrahamic Agreements changed our language and the entire territory of the Middle East for the better.” He said the vast majority of Arabs and Jews in the Middle East want to live in peace, noting that their priority is to provide a safer world, a better education and improved economic opportunities for their children. According to him, the achievement of these goals through revenge and confrontation cannot be achieved. “It can only come from peace and harmony between countries.”

Ron Lauder at the Dubai Summit

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The director general of the Ministry of Energy, Ehud (Udi) Adiri, participated in a special panel chaired by Maayan Hoffman, and said that climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing the world, and argued that Israel and the UAE can be partners in dealing with them.

Another challenge that Adiri pointed out is “producing low-cost energy.” He explained that “many companies in Israel are working on solutions that create opportunities for cooperation between the United Arab Emirates, as well as with Egypt, Jordan and Cyprus.”

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Gil Schweid, CEO of Check Point Software Technologies, spoke with Maayan Hoffman and addressed cyber threats in the post-Corona era. “The world is more vulnerable than ever to cyber attacks and the fifth generation,” he said. “This is a threat of state-sponsored cyber attacks or private attempts. “There is a huge increase in attacks,” he said. In the UAE there are more attacks on bank accounts. One in 10 companies in the Emirates is a victim of such an attack. ”

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Israeli businessman and philanthropist, founder of SpaceIL and Amdocs, Maurice Kahn, told the forum that Israel and the United Arab Emirates should establish a joint space program: “I can think of nothing better, it would be wonderful if we could develop a space program that would be a combination of Israel And the Arab world. “

“I will bless if it fits into the plan that the Emirates have, they have an ambitious plan,” Kahn added, adding that “such a joint initiative will be my record achievement in terms of my involvement in space.”

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Maurice Kahn (Photo: Mark Israel Salem)Maurice Kahn (Photo: Mark Israel Salem)

Mark Gazit, CEO of ThetaRay, which has developed technology that allows banks, financial services providers and businesses to operate a secure and smart money transfer system, told the forum about the company’s development: Which helps banks solve the problem of global payment transfers. “

“The world has become global, money is moving from place to place digitally, and hostile organizations, whether they are terrorist bodies or human traffickers, are exploiting the loopholes in the system and even stealing money from banks,” Gazit said. “Cross-border payments today take several days, cost a lot of money and the source of the transfer cannot always be verified. We are opening the blockage in the transfer pipeline, which was created as a result of the world fearing money laundering and terrorist financing.”

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Mark Gazit (Photo: Mark Israel Salem)Mark Gazit (Photo: Mark Israel Salem)

The ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, Faben Kapoor, also attended the forum, saying that “the new ties established between Israel and the United Arab Emirates are helping to improve ties between the two countries with India. We are privileged to have a strategic partnership not only with Israel but with the United Arab Emirates.”

“India is working closely with Israel on food, agriculture and water,” Kapoor said, adding that the UAE could benefit from similar collaborations. “The UAE has a lot to learn from Israel, both in food and health care, especially on medical devices,” he said. “So much is happening there, we will be happy there to support joint initiatives,” he added.

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Faben Kapoor (Photo: Mark Israel Salem)Faben Kapoor (Photo: Mark Israel Salem)

Ilanit Melchior, the tourism director of the Jerusalem Development Authority, told the forum participants that the world chooses Jerusalem as its main tourist destination. “Jerusalem is the central meeting point in the world,” she said, “and a real mix of East and West.” Melchior explained that while the city is the leading destination for the three monotheistic religions, it offers a wide range of interests.

Today, Melchior explained, tourists seek authenticity, in-depth experiences, purposeful travelers, smart destinations, sustainability and local experiences, and Jerusalem offers a wide range of different experiences to meet these needs. The old city is an area of ​​religious tourism, while the city center represents urban tourism. The entrance to the city, with the Jerusalem Conference Center and the Jerusalem Gate Project, is a business tourism center; The museum area is an area of ​​urban culture and Ein Kerem is a center of sustainability.

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Meanwhile, a member of the United Arab Emirates’ Federal Council for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and chairman of the Interior Committee, Dr. Ali al-Noami, said he would be interested in seeing joint business initiatives between Israel and the UAE, and invited Israeli delegations to visit the country.

The Israeli Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, Eitan Na’a, addressed the possibility of a change of government in Israel at the forum. “Israel’s ties with the United Arab Emirates will remain strong even if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is replaced by right-wing chairman Naftali Bennett or any other leader,” he said.

Naa spoke only two weeks after Operation Wall Guard, which ended on May 21. All four countries that are normalizing with Israel under the Abrahamic Agreements last year, including the United Arab Emirates, have maintained their ties with Israel. “The fact that nothing is hurting the relationship is the best sign of what we are building here. Israelis can come here, and soon, with the removal of the corona restrictions, the citizens of the Emirates will be able to visit Israel,” he said.

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Israeli Ambassador to the Emirates, Eitan Na'a (Photo: Mark Israel Salem)Israeli Ambassador to the Emirates, Eitan Na’a (Photo: Mark Israel Salem)

Noam Solomon, co-founder and CEO of Immunai, which developed technology for mapping the immune system, explained in the forum that artificial intelligence combined with data can help cure diseases through mapping the immune system. With consistent clinical information, collected from thousands of patients. “From this database we have built a huge immunological map, and we are extracting therapeutic insights from it through machine learning and artificial intelligence,” he explained.

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Noam Solomon (Photo: Mark Israel Salem)Noam Solomon (Photo: Mark Israel Salem)

In a one-on-one interview with Yaakov Katz, editor-in-chief of the Jerusalem Post, Dr. Rafael Nagel, founder and chairman of the Abrahamic Business Circle, described how the Abrahamic Agreements created a path to peace between Israel and the UAE and Bahrain, and discussed the many investment opportunities between Israel and the countries The bay.

“Israel’s biggest export is technology, and when you have a wide range of technologies, there are a lot of things you can do to collaborate with the Gulf states, and especially with the UAE,” said Dr. Nagel. He added that Israeli businesses have established knowledge, experience And expertise in a variety of areas that the UAE can now also benefit from, including energy (including renewable energy), water, aviation, finance and investment and telecommunications. Nagel said the agreements would lead to increased tourism, business, entrepreneurship, space exploration and investment. Rabbi Nagel received the Jerusalem Post Award for Economic Diplomacy for his efforts to cultivate a vision of tolerance and economic prosperity.

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Dr. Rafael Nagel - Chairman and Founder of The Abrahamic Bussiness Flrcle (Photo: Mark Israel Salem)Dr. Rafael Nagel – Chairman and Founder of The Abrahamic Bussiness Flrcle (Photo: Mark Israel Salem)

Lee Ziv, VP of the Hajjaj Brothers’ Port TLV residential project, introduced the participants to the forum, located just three minutes from the beach, from the Gordon Marina and the Hilton Hotel, PORT TLV was designed by Ilan Pivko, one of Israel’s top architects, who created projects Many in Israel and abroad. The PORT TLV project is located near the old Tel Aviv port area, which was established in the 1930s. The area has been renovated in the last decade and today has restaurants, bars, cultural events, a boutique farmers market, and leading fashion shops. “The name of the game is location, location, location,” Ziv said.

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Lee Ziv, VP of the Fort TLV Residential Project of the Hajjaj Brothers (Photo: Mark Israel Salem)Lee Ziv, VP of the Fort TLV Residential Project of the Hajjaj Brothers (Photo: Mark Israel Salem)

Mekorot CEO Eli Cohen said in the forum that “now that the waves of tourism have passed and the corona is about to end, we are moving to business work in light of the peace agreements and the feeling is that a company like Mekorot contributes to stable and economic-business peace between the countries.” Water production and supply. There is currently no problem of water for drinking or agriculture, we also supply water to Jordanians, Palestinians and can supply water to any area. Until a few years ago water problems were a reason to go to war and today it is no longer relevant, you have the ability to provide the solutions to this issue anywhere in the world, and also solve the problems of the agriculture industry. It’s time for quality water at a low cost – and we can supply it. “

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Eli Cohen, CEO of Mekorot - National Water Company (center) (Photo: Mark Israel Salem)Eli Cohen, CEO of Mekorot – National Water Company (center) (Photo: Mark Israel Salem)

Prof. Rafi Biar, one of the directors of the ALIVE venture capital fund, attended the forum in Dubai, and said that “this is an unusual opportunity to strengthen the bilateral ties between the countries.” The fund has a strategic partnership with Maccabi Health Services, Assuta Medical Centers, Maccabi Fund, Leumi Partners, Group British investments CBG, and the American hospital chain Carilion Clinic.

“We work in the life sciences industry and we have quite a few conversations with various parties in Dubai,” emphasizes Prof. Biar, former director of the Rambam Medical Center and dean of the Technion’s Faculty of Medicine. to promote. Dubai has world-leading medical centers and is interested in clinical and technological collaborations with Israel. “

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Venture capital fund managers ALIVE (Photo: Mark Israel Salem)Venture capital fund managers ALIVE (Photo: Mark Israel Salem)

Special panel at the UAE Global Investment Forum, a group of experts from Morocco discusses the country’s unique advantages as an investment platform in the African continent. The panel, moderated by L’Observateur du Maroc, editor-in-chief Muhammad Zinawi, included Munsif Aderkoy, director of financial research and forecasting at the Moroccan Ministry of Economy; Mahdi Tazi, Vice President of the General Confederation of Businesses in Morocco, and Steve Ohana, President of the Morocco-Israel Business Council.
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Among the participants:
Foreign Minister Dr. Thani Ben Ahmad al-Zawidi; World Jewish Congress President and “President of the Event” Ron Lauder; Mekorot CEO Eli Cohen “Nabudah Investments” Abdullah Said al-Nabudah, CEO and Founder of Veritas Ventures Vera Potogensky, Ambassador of India to the United Arab Emirates, Paban Kapoor, Chairman and Founder of The Abrahamic Business Circle Dr. Rafael Nagal, Director of Financial Research and Forecasting at the Ministry of Economy and Finance in Morocco Monsif Aderkawi, CEO of Zebra Medical and Vizan Zohar Elhanani, CEO of Floristem Yaki Yanai, Entrepreneur and Physician Prof. Rafael Beyer, Director General of the Ministry of Health Regulations Dr. Marwan El Mullah, Member of the Federal National Council of the United Arab Emirates Dabby and Interior Security Chairman Dr. Ali El Noami, Check Point Director General Gil Shweid, Ambassador of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bahrain confessed to Nono, Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem Flair Hassan Nahum and many others.

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