SSP: Vučić and Mihajlović are to blame for the situation in EPS

Today, the President of the Department for Economy and Finance of the Party of Freedom and Justice (SAA), Dusan Nikezic, accused Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and Minister of Mining and Energy Zorana Mihajlovic of being guilty of disintegrating the system in the Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS) on December 11, 2021.

“Aleksandar Vučić, along with you, is most responsible for the collapse of EPS, because he personally brought Mićo Grčić (former acting director of EPS) and kept him there all these years to extract money through party companies, provide capillary votes and employ party cadres “, stated Nikezić, addressing Mihajlović in a press release.

He added that he was glad that Minister Mihajlović was encouraged to say that EPS is led by unprofessional party cadres.

I am glad that you were encouraged and admitted that EPS is led by unprofessional party cadres, that it has no strategy, that it falsifies reports, that the coal problem lasts for years and that the system crash is not the product of any Vučić’s ‘perfect storm’. and sucking money out, “Nikezic said.

He added that EPS today imports electricity for a billion euros at the highest price in history, instead of exporting and earning extra profit like all European energy companies.

As he said, this seriously endangered the national security of Serbia.

Therefore, in the criminal report filed by the relevant ministry, according to him, “Aleksandar Vučić must be in the first place, and only then Zorana Mihajlović, Mića Grčić and everyone else in the decision-making chain.”

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